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The doors to the Avila House Retreat Center were opened by Msgr. James Peterson in 1981.  Many people attended retreats here for the past 33 years and experienced God’s presence in their lives through their retreat experience.  Msgr. Peterson was Father Larry’s Spiritual Director for over 30 years and, just before Msgr. Peterson died in 2013, he asked Father Larry to continue his work in bringing people to Christ through his retreat center.  Msgr. Peterson’s vision coincides with the mission of the Foundation, and with your help, we will continue to provide a beautiful retreat center for the future.

The 2014 Annual Appeal is dedicated to Phase 2 Renovations to the Avila House Retreat Center.  Phase 1 renovations are currently underway as a result of last years’ Annual Appeal.  Repairs to the outside of the building, and replacement of windows, sidewalks and landscaping, are just examples of the Phase 1 renovations.  The renovations being proposed for Phase 2 would provide ADA bedrooms and ADA bathrooms.  there would also be a first floor addition which would provide a large kitchen and dining room.  A beautiful chapel with stained glass windows is included as an integral part of the renovations.  A second floor addition would add six additional bedrooms, a common space area and shower facilities.  Avila Retreat House will be a perfect place for one-day or overnight conferences, retreats, sabbaticals, or private days.

We have broken down the cost for the above renovations into some very specific ways that you can help, and you can do it in someone’s honor or memory. When these renovations are completed, we will have a beautiful facility dedicated entirely to bringing people into a relationship with their Savior, Jesus Christ. Please pray about this and ask Jesus what you should do, and then do it! You can be an instrument of His hope and salvation with your gift.


Special Announcement


We have found two beautiful 100 year old stained glass windows, one of St. Theresa of Avila and one of St. Francis of Assisi.  They were made by F.X. Zettler in Munich, Germany and preserved from a old church.  We plan to have these windows placed in the Avila Chapel.  Please consider a donation of $5,000 for each window.   Thank you for your continued support through your donations and your prayers.


St. Francis for WebsiteSt Theresa smaller

We will honor first requests for each item. If an item is lined out, it is no longer available. You are also welcome to call the office at 814-455-7364 to check on a particular item.

Room Naming Opportunities

Conference Room
Dining Hall
ADA Bedroom 1
ADA Bedroom 2
Bedrooms (11)
Front Garden / Landscaping
Back Garden / Landscaping

$6,000 each

Item Naming Opportunities

Chapel Stained Glass Window (2)
Altar in Chapel
Blessed Mother Statue
St. Joseph Statue with Child
Sanctuary Light
Divine Mercy Image
Celebrant Chair
Altar Candle (2)
Altar Candelabra (2)
Credence Table
Crucifix for Chapel
Sacristy Bell
Stations of the Cross
Holy Water Font
Tabernacle Candles (2)
Chapel Chairs (28)
Conference Room Chairs (50)
Chairs in Dining Hall (32)
Crystal Cruets

Items$5,000 each
$925 each
$650 each
$350 each
$300 each
$200 each
$200 each