Charity_OrphanageThe Reason For Our Hope Foundation is not just interested in perpetuating the work of the Foundation but of making sure that we are actively helping others in making real the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As St. Francis of Assisi said “We must preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words.” Just as we use words to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus we know that these words are nothing if they are not filled with active love. We MUST reach out to the physically and spiritually poor. It is for this reason that The Reason For Our Hope Foundation supports many groups who are living the Gospel.


St. Anthony’s Orphanage Mission
The St. Anthony’s Orphanage Mission was established on Dec. 25, 2001, to provide financial help for the care and education of 180 orphaned children at the St. Anthony’s Children’s Home, Nagercoil, TN, India. In this orphanage, deserted and orphaned children from infants to 22 years are cared for by members of the Congregation of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All financial contributions are tax deductible through The Reason for Our Hope Foundation. Since the mission is run by volunteers, there are no overhead costs, and 100% of contributions are used for orphan welfare programs.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to support the cost of care and education for the orphan children at St. Anthony’s Children’s Home through regular financial contributions. The mission is committed to using 100% of the tax-deductible contributions for orphan welfare programs.

Please take a moment and watch this video of St. Anthony’s Orphanage.  Within the video a young woman thanks the donors of The Reason For Our Hope Foundation.

Fr. Larry’s parish
St. Joseph Church/ Bread of Life Community perpetual adoration chapel and the restoration of one of the most beautiful Churches in the world dedicated to St. Joseph that throughout the years has fallen into disrepair.
St. Joseph’s

Cathedral Preparatory School for Boys
A Catholic high school in Erie PA that is solidly Catholic. We purchase bibles for the Students so that they can spend time with the Word of God each day and become Catholic leaders that will influence the world for Jesus Christ. We also offer limited scholarships for boys that cannot afford the full tuition.
Cathedral Prep

Pro-life groups – we have helped to close an abortion center in the city of Erie – PRAISE GOD!

Maria House Projects – A number of Houses in the Diocese of Erie that deal with men who have struggled with addictions and imprisonment and struggling to experience the Love and Freedom of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The DME Retreat Program – this is a retreat program that brings people into a living, loving relationship with Jesus Christ! Thousands of young people have come to know Jesus through this program.