We invite you to join the mission…

With your help, in the next year we’re going to reach 15 million people with the Reason for Our Hope, Jesus Christ!

Seven things you can do right now!

  1. Pray.  We seek to do everything through Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  2. Please register to receive a free download of Fr. Larry’s life-changing talk, The Truth.
  3. Download the Event Guide and invite others to join you in a life-changing event.
  4. Personalize an e-card and send it to someone who, right now, could use a message of hope in Jesus Christ
  5. Add a banner to your website.
  6. Post your prayers and/or words of encouragement to the “Wall of Hope”.
  7. Light a candle on the “Wall of Hope“.

Other things

  1. Send a beautifully packaged CD, DVD or book. You can personalize a message to them.
  2. View the “Hope for this Week” video clip.
  3. Send us your prayer requests. They are prayed for in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day!
  4. Listen or read Fr. Larry’s weekly homilies on our website or subscribe to Fr. Larry’s Homily podcasts on our homepage.
  5. Download and share Need Hope card.

 The Big List

If you registered, you have access to all archives, and will receive our periodic newsletter.

With an active Board of Directors, we embrace the highest standards of stewardship and accountability. In addition to fulfilling our own mission we financially support various charities. Please help us continue this mission —donate now