Please consider joining our team in the mission of The Reason For Our Hope Foundation to bring hope to the world.  Here is the position profile for the Marketing/Production Coordinator:

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Purpose of Position

The Marketing/Production Coordinator shall provide research, project management and coordination support to the marketing, program development and program operations functions of The Foundation.   This will include but not be limited to management of social media and marketing communications, assisting with media production, conference planning, new product development, and implementation of marketing and fundraising strategies including the creation and distribution of marketing and fundraising materials.


Education/Experience:  Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communications or related field.  A minimum of 3 years’ experience in marketing/communications field.

Specialized Skills:

  • Strong passion for the Foundation, its mission, and all the products and services
  • Organizational skills
  • Creative writing skills
  • Critical strategic thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to be innovative and creative and come up with new ideas
  • Proactive; take responsibility/ownership for completed outcomes
  • ability to envision what needs to be done to achieve the objectives
  • Ability to plan and execute ideas and programs
  • Ensure accuracy in the implementation of plans
  • Knowledge of Indesign or other graphic design software helpful

The following are essential functions and accountabilities:

  1. Manage all of the social media and marketing communications as well as Foundation/ Conference websites for The Reason for Our Hope Foundation and Father Larry Richards including the planning and implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns for programs, products and services.
  • Create and develop marketing and communications campaigns and calendars to promote the Foundation programs, products and services
  • Create and develop promotional materials including copy, banners and graphics; coordinate with any advertiser/marketer for Fr. Larry’s upcoming events and pilgrimages to make sure they have the proper marketing materials; coordinate with vendors as appropriate to produce materials.
  • Promote events in both print and social media utilizing but not limited to paid advertising, Bloomerang, Constant Contact, various social media platforms and other channels.
  • Develop and maintain online presence, including all Foundation-related apps and websites (including but not limited to: RFOH, Hope House, 22:32 men, 1:38 women, Sister Cities of Hope, etc.). Make updates using content management systems and coordinate as appropriate with hosting services and the web-developer.
  • Monitor and maintain Facebook, Podbean, Utube and other social media platform pages and channels for the Foundation or any of its related entities, including group membership; monitor content and address any concerns or negative comments
  • Daily homily and reading video editing, proofreading and posting on social media accounts and the website
  • Manage the “Hope of the Week” process and/or other member engagement and testimonial sharing processes
  • Monitor and report on website analytics and social media engagement
  • Assist with social media and editing support for Father Larry’s parish-related programs and events.
  • Provide marketing and social media support for other Foundation speakers/authors as necessary and/or appropriate.
  • Conduct research and attend training programs and events to keep abreast of latest trends and developments that would support the Foundation marketing and communications functions.


  1. Manage the Marketing and Outreach activities as well as implement the Program Calendar for the Hope House Retreat Center to ensure maximum utilization of the facility.
  • Conduct annual outreach to the Erie Diocese, regional churches and nonprofit organizations to create awareness and promote the Hope House as a retreat and conference venue.
  • Coordinate tours, open houses and events at the Hope House to promote the venue for retreats and conferences
  • Develop and implement marketing campaigns to promote Hope House programs and events.
  • Manage the Hope House event calendar, website and other communications channels.
  • Manage client contracting and relationship management and coordinate event preparation details with clients and other staff to ensure that the facility is appropriately set up for events and that client needs are met. Send invoices and ensure that receipts are appropriately reconciled.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director and Director of Business Development and Fundraising to develop an annual calendar of Hope House site-based, virtual and hybrid programs. Manage the marketing and implementation of Hope-House programs including scheduling speakers, managing registrations, reminders, live-streaming and/or recording, posting and distribution of materials after programs.

3.  Provide research, coordination, project management and video editing support for the                development. implementation and distribution of new or existing products, programs and services.

  • Coordinate the implementation and distribution of needs assessment surveys
  • Conduct research to determine appropriate vendors and costs associated with developing, supporting or marketing new programs, products or services
  • Edit any of Father’s talks that come through from another Conference, or at least listen to them before they are posted to make sure they are okay.
  • Edit, Produce, and burn any CDs and DVDs for any of Father’s talks; print and burn an archive talk as needed.
  • Maintain Ipads for events
  • Check to make sure Fr. Larry is on Open Line on Thursday, recording that he is/is not, and then posting the Soundcloud embed on our website on Friday morning.
  • Edit, produce, and put out a new talk that Fr. Larry puts out for the virtual programming.
  • Manage the virtual platform for any programs produced.
  • Coordinate the technology needs for conferences and events.
  1. Provide Marketing and Communications support to support the fundraising and development functions of the Foundation.
  • Create and develop fundraising materials including copy and graphics for posting on social media, websites and for electronic distribution
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director and the Director of Business Development and Fundraising to support fundraising campaigns including but not limited to developing mailing lists, coordinating and producing mailings, and distribution of electronic materials and communications to support fundraising.
  • Provide data entry and database management support to track and recognize donors
  • Create donor recognition certificates and other materials to support the fundraising and development functions
  1. Perform other administrative and coordinate activities in support of the operations of the Foundation including but not limited to:
  • Coordinate the production, packaging and/or editing of videos and other materials created and distributed by the Foundation
  • Coordinate the planning, production and implementation of retreats, conferences, and other activities of the Foundation and Avila House
  • Provide administrative support as needed to support operations
  • Support for the procurement of materials and resources to support operations
  • Provide backup for the activities of the Fulfillment Manager, the Executive Director, or other staff in their absence
  • Other duties as requested or required.


Click here for  a PDF of the Position Profile.