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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


Mobile, AL

For the repose of the soul of my grandson Joseph.
For my son Louis and my grandson Louis that they will return to the Church and the sacrament.

Thank you.


Denver CO

Hey my name is Ryan Salais. Please pray for my freedom from demons. Please also pray for the Lord to free me from a situation in which I was falsely accused. Pray for my family for protection and vindication. Every day has been hard and torment. Jesus didn’t die for me to suffer like this and I’m tired of it. Thank the Lord for speaking healing over me. Please pray for me daily this is very serious I might go to jail. Thanks God bless. The bible says in Matthew 18 v19 that whatever two agree upon they shall have.


Cleveland oh

Special intentions.



For Patti an RN Incubated this morning with Corvid 19 virus. PLEASE Pray Thank you



For healing of Michelle suffering with severe inflammation in her shoulders, neck an jaw and anxiety. She is a wife & mother to a 11 month old and 2 year old. For a return to the Faith of our adult children and their spouses. For protection of our family from this virus and for our 3 young
grandchildren to grow to know, love and serve Jesus. In thanksgiving for the many blessings my husband, I and our family have been given. For all the sick & suffering, for our good priests, Pope and bishops to lead us closer to Jesus. For Fr Larry and his ministry. For the intercession of St Pope John Paul 2 and all our Patton saints and guardian angels, the Blessed Mother & St Joseph. For mercy on each living person. Jesus we Trust in You!

Stephanie Coleiro


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You in a prayer for peace, love and protection over my family and my parents marriage. Lord, restore the brokenness, fill us with love and light, to only see the beauty and light in each other. Lord take control of my family, I surrender all to You. Lead us on a path of reconciliation, faith, trust and forgiveness. Help us to use kind and gentle words in confront of each other, and hold our tongue when we are tempted by the devil to use words or think thoughts that hurt each other. Lord, send us Your Holy Spirit to cleanse us deeply and restore light and love in our hearts. In Your Name Jesus I have all my faith, and I pray. AMEN


Titusville, PA

I pray for my parish priest, Father Packard.
I pray for my family and friends.
I pray for the homeless
I pray for all who are struggling financially.
Sweet, Jesus, thank You for Your love and mercy for all man kind!



Conversion of wife to the faith and return of my brothers to the church


North Ridgeville, Ohio

Dear Lord,
I pray for continued recovery of my husband. Restore his kidneys and strengthen his heart. I pray he is able to come to our new home soon and enjoy his retirement. I also pray for my daughter, Gabrielle. I pray she finds a PA job that she loves and is successful. I pray for everyone fighting this Corona virus and those front line workers.
God bless everyone.


Cleveland OH

I’m a police Sgt at a major hospital, father of a 2 yr old immune compromised child, and husband of an ICU Nurse. My wife has covid19 and is not doing well. I just got tested and I may as well. I pray for healing and protection of my family and community. Thank you for your prayers in this trying time. I know God always has a plan and purpose and my faith is in Him.

God Bless


Titusville, PA

For our world and an end to the corona virus.
Healing emotionally and spiritually for my family.


Tampa FL

Pray for me and my family to know Jesus and love Him with all our hearts and one day be happy together in heaven.



Please watch over my family friends and me. Please protect us from COVID-19.

In His Most Holy Name Jesus Amen.

Dan Sigan

Parkman Ohio

Melanie Schuster that her kidneys be healed for the glory of God!


Bradenton, FL

Heavenly Father You know how much I love You. My only prayer request is for my daughters Andrea and Erica, my husband Michael, and all of my family and friends. Please prevent them from getting the corona virus. Please keep them safe and protected in Your living safe arms. Cover them in the sanctity of Your blood. Thank You dear Lord for all You do for me I love You Lynn


Bettendorf Iowa

Please pray for our grandson Michael who is in the first year in the seminary and for his brother Luke who is in the review process for the seminary with test this week on Tuesday and Thursday.. Thank you Father

Mary Ann Zdarko

Warren PA

For those who have no one to pray for them. For those suffering from extreme fear and anxiety, that they will feel God’s peace and serenity.


Cleveland, Ohio

For all the souls of all who have died. For ordained religious. For volunteers. For all who work in healthcare. For my son. For world peace.


Temecula California

My wife and I were passive partners in a construction business. Our managing partner died and we’ve found out he was funneling money out. He’s left us with huge debt and legal action.
Pray for us please

Thanks so much for your podcast and instagram posts. They speak to me personally. God bless you.


Columbus OH

Please pray for my mother’s health and for my friend Cathy to have the strength to fight cancer. Please pray for everyone affected by the coronavirus. I ask for prayer for everyone making decisions for our country and our health, they may open their hearts and minds to Jesus to make the right choices. In Jesus’ name, I pray for my children’s physical, mental and spiritual health amen.


Chatham, Ontario

Please pray for the conversion of my brother, and my entire family.



Please pray for my dog who is having emergency surgery tonight.

In His Most Holy Name Jesus Christ Amen


Cuyahoga Falls, OH

For my sister in law who’s husband is divorcing her and for my cousin who is recovering from a serious concussion.


St Andrews NB Canada

Protection for all care workers from the Covid19 Virus


St Andrews NB Canada

Salvation for our children and grandchildren