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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


Prayers for parents who have a son who they say the boy needs a liver tumor operation. The mum says if he doesn’t survive, neither do she and the dad.

for Brenda who has an infection in her hip.

For 2 old dogs if they don’t get adopted, they will be euthanized in short time. For Christopher who is in prison, a diabetic and is in high risk if he gets seriously ill. For an infant named Mila who has meningitis.

Pray that God intervenes, that those who need healing/ protection for God to provide that and those who need saving to be saved through Christ including those around them

Pray for the country of Yemen to get the help they need and they all get saved as well

Thank you.



Please pray for my 88 year old mom. Many heartaches. My sister Louann is terminal with cancer. She misses Dad who died almost 4 years ago. My 3 grandsons moved 6 hours away. They were her joy. Especially Rhys who has Down Syndrome he is almost 6. Rowan 11 and River 8 all brought her joy. Covid has kept her house bound can’t go to Mass or Adoration. Missing other family that are far away. Jesus comfort her thank you and. May God bless us all



Please pray for me. Satan tries to invade my mind constantly. I perservere. Our God is All powerful. Thank you Jesus and may God bless us



Victory for Trump in the courts, and protection and perseverance. Stomp out the evil in the souls of all socialist thinking peoples in all levels of government. Expose people doing evil against You Lord in our country, especially big tech, media and Soros. Stop the violence in the hearts and soul of all Antifa and BLM supporters. Heal hearts and stop mothers from seeking abortions. Restore our our liberties with the Corona virus. Lord hear our cries! Save our nation from communism and the Democrat party. Lord restore our history in the schools and restore marriage and the family.

Joel Rivera

Buffalo NY

would like prayer for finances. financial help. did $1000 seed to rockwealth in december 2015. passed out 50 bibles in the past couples weeks, and got 27 mass requests. want prayer for money. dollars $$$ currency for a Gaming PC.


Parents ask for prayers who have a 3 year old who has an oxygen tube in her throat. Prayers for a person with mental health problems and insomnia. Prayers for Steve who has cancer and Julie who has leg and back issues/ pain. Prayers for Renee who is undergoing chemo treatment for breast cancer. Pray that God intervenes in their lives, they get healed and saved through Christ including those around them. Thank you.


Burbank, CA

Pray for my wife who has had a chronic cough and for us to find an affordable home .



For my brother, Jeff, who has pancreatic cancer


New Orleans-La

Please pray for my 2 brothers with mental illness and a brother with drug addiction currently in rehab! May God heal them!

Thank you !


Fort Worth. Texas

Paula and Jim both battling cancer. Thanksgiving for answered prayers. Prayers continue for Fr Larry. Thank you for daily mass and truly bringing Us close to God


Prayers for: a woman who is diagnosed with cancer
A cat named Junior was rushed to ER due to a bladder infection.
Lawrence who’s been battling cancer for months in his neck and sinuses for months on end.
Julie who is experiencing kidney failure.
Kim who is having bad stomach issues.
Debbie has a brain aneurysm
Carolyn is having eye surgery.
A cousin who has stage 4 colon cancer.
Friend girl experiencing issues
There are other requests I’ve read in the last couple of days not mentioned here. Praying that they get healed and they all get saved through Christ
Pray for Sarah who mentioned that she has Covid-19 to be healed and saved as well

Thank you.


Pray that a neighbor across from me very very soon repents of his sins please. Also pray that anyone associated with this individual also repents and turns away from this individual as long as this individual continues not to repent. Thank you so much.



Prayers for a woman’s daughter and others like my mum in law who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Pray that they get healed including those who have Covid-19 regardless whether or not they have underlying health conditions or not and that they all get saved through the love of Christ please.

Thank you.

Joseph John


Please pray for my kidney health.To get a normal blood result.


Anniston Alabama

Healing from hip pain right side due to a fall. Thank you and God bless you. Sid Nelson


There’s a girl named Pavani that has Acute myeloid leukemia, a rare type of blood cancer.

Pray that Pavani gets healed and saved through Christ including her earthly family and other people around her please.

Thank you.



Prayers for my neighbors and relations to hark to the ways of Christ, forgive bad actions, never be selfish, and Christ deal out good to protect from harm and curses.



Please pray for a healing of my body. Please pray I find a doctor to help me with my digestive problems. I need nutrients badly.
Thank you ,


San Diego California

Please pray for me and my Godmother Diane and all of our families and friends and neighbors… for conversion and holiness and healing…


A woman’s 9 month old daughter named Eliana has been diagnosed with something called Jaundice. Eliana vomited blood constantly and her body shrank. Doctors found out that Eliana is suffering from Biliary Atresia. Eliana is suffering from a fatal illness. Pray that God intervenes, heals the child and the child including those around Eliana gets saved please. Thank you.


Pray for Lexi that she gets saved through Christ and it helps others around her to be saved as well.

Thank you.



Prayers for a 15 year old named Ivan who has cancer. The doctors discovered that Ivan has a severe brain tumor. He had chemotherapy treatment that almost caused Ivan to die. When Ivan was little, he had a kidney transplant and the drugs he must’ve took didn’t help in the treatment.

If anyone and everyone is willing to pray that Ivan gets healed and along with that, those close to him get saved.

Also, Bonnie has a friend who’s 54 year old and is very ill (multiple things wrong including pneumonia).Please pray that she gets healed but she, Bonnie and those close to them gets saved.

Thank you.


Long Island NY

Please pray for my father who had to go into emergency surgery this morning.



Heavenly Father,

Nothing is impossible through you all things are possible. You have the Power to perform miracles and to heal. Please I pray for Andrew Kaczynski and his family. Especially his daughter Francesca who is less than a year old with an aggressive brain tumor. Please heal her Father watch over her and protect her. Most importantly cure her.

In His Most Holy Name Jesus



Columbus OH

Please pray for our country may we turn to Jesus for answers and not the media. May each of us be soldiers of Christ through this difficult time and always. In Jesus’ name, I pray amen.