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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


Asking prayers for my friend Missy W her deliverance from substance abuse and her mental health, and healing salvation that she becomes saved and God becomes the center of her life a job she needs one ASAP. And one that she went to school for. Her dog Riley, he’s needs healed completely and financially sound and she’s gets all aspects of her life in order and God brings the right person into her life thanks.


Hollywood, FL

Lord God I pray for Marty Leone for successful knee surgery and healing. In Jesus name.


Gainesville, GA

Please pray for my step son that he realize the pain he is putting his father and I through. Also please pray for the return of my husband and children to the Church. Also Pray that my marriage heals fully.
Lord please hear my prayers, Amen

Emery Horvath

Hollywood, Florida

Lord God I pray for Renee Doyle who went to the hospital with chest pain and arm pain. Protect her Lord from any heart problem. May Your precious blood be upon her. Heal her Lord where ever she needs healing. In Jesus name I pray.



In praise and thanksgiving to God for the healing of my 4 year old grandson Rhys. After 5 days in the hospital with breathing issues he was able to come home to his mommy, daddy, brothers Rowan and River.. And his puppy Bear. Thank you for the medical staff and all that have taken care of Rhys, our delight and joy, Thank you Jesus.


Washington DC

O Holy Trinity One Holy God, I pray for Thy intentions regarding my pet cat and her kittens. Amen.

Angela lukavsky

Nixa Missouri

Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood and health…. Josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.

Val C


Please pray for a situation between me and a friend who I love very much. We fell out a lot of years ago and even though I didn’t mean or want to hurt him I feel I hurt him really deeply and at a time when he wasn’t maybe finding life very easy and he relied on me and I really let him down. We really hurt each other deeply and I wish we had sorted it out but we went separate ways. Please pray as now we are in touch again sort of, but I think he is afraid of being hurt or making a mistake. Please pray that if he is supposed to be my husband, if it is Gods will that he would know it to be true and God would show him the way and he would no longer be afraid.
Please also pray for his family for real protection and please pray for him, his brother and mum dad and uncle and his brother who is missing to all find faith in God and for God’s full protection over their lives. Please pray for my friend for a faith like King David and to make God number one in his life and for his dad to hand over leadership of the family to him because he is a man and because he hopefully trusts him. Please pray for real deliverance for his whole family and deep peace in God’s arms. Please pray that he breaks ties with anyone in his life who is not going to bless his future and care about the very best in life for him and anyone selfish or interested in money or a good lifestyle and near him for these reasons. Please pray that God blesses him with a good and peaceful home of his own in the future and that he earns enough money from passive work to leave his evening job where he is tempted to get involved with girls who he should not be interested in. Please also pray for real deliverance for his whole family from some sort of dark force keeping them oppressed/depressed and sick. Please pray that they be set free from all generational curses, healed from all illnesses and set free from any curses, involvement in freemasonry or the occult or anything else and God brings light and love and life into their lives again and new hope and joy and even returns all the things the locusts stole, including people who were separated from the family. Please pray for my friend to cut himself off from all who are not truly blessing or helping him or are hindering him or depress and discourage him and particularly anyone who was a bully or wasting his time and preventing him doing things God told him to do?Please also pray for me as i’m 40 and I need to just trust in God that he still has a plan for me and that he will bring me the right man at the right time so that I can have a family and that he will somehow find me a real home where I will be safe and have people to protect and provide for me as I tend to fall apart on my own and stop eating and just forget to do really important things in life or I just sometimes don’t go out for days as I don’t like going anywhere really on my own. I also don’t really understand men or have the ability to read people so God needs to provide me a miracle.

Maricela Huidor-Figueroa

Visalia, CA

I gently ask for prayers for the whole Catholic Church and for my sister-in-law’s upcoming surgery. Thank you.



Please pray for my daughter Kristin today. She is enduring many difficult situations in her life. May the Holy Spirit fill her with peace, courage and confidence. May Jesus heal her emotional pain. Blessed Mother hold her in your arms. Thank you for your kindness and prayers.


New York

To let go of fear

Conun and Kara Q. Beverly

Louisiana and Philippines

Mr and Mrs Beverly 2019 Goals

1. To grow spiritually every day

Ø Reading the BIBLE ( atleast 2 books/month with written reflection and sharing of learnings

Ø Pray our devotions/ pray together as much as possible.

Ø Ave Maria’s all day

Ø Pray rosary

Ø Not missing any day of obligations especially Sunday masses.

Ø Joining prayer groups or spiritual activities

Ø Consistent novena

2. To keep our love tank overflowing

Ø Daily communication

Ø Keeping our love tank overflowing through our love language.

Ø Being faithful

Ø Being prayerful to one another

Ø Complete honesty

Ø Being grateful at all times

Ø More selfless

Ø Helping each other always

Ø Motivating, encouraging and inspiring one another.


Ø Carry our crosses together.

3. To prioritize our TITHES and GIVING

Ø To always set aside the FIRST 10TH of our income. ( TITHES )

Ø Find ways to become a cheerful giver be in prayer, service, sharing towards others.

Ø To become apostle of joy

4. To keep SAVING consistently.

Ø After tithing we can set aside for our savings.

Ø By JANUARY we will start savings for our wedding at least $20.

Ø We will find ways to earn extra income for our upcoming vacation and for our future plans.

Ø We will cut off unnecessary expenses.

Ø WE will start saving for our WEDDING RING too.

5. To downsize our storage

Ø To donate some stuff to an organization.

Ø To use the money for additional savings.

6. Vacation plan and preparation for our WEDDING.

Ø Get/ renew our passport.

Ø Prepare and budget for our vacation.

Ø Check the cost of plane ticket and save ahead.



Ø Attend necessary wedding interviews.

Ø Enjoy and value the time together. Make the most of it.

7. Organize at least TWO OUTREACH ACTIVITIES.

Ø Plan ahead and look for additional sponsors.

Ø Back to school and pre Christmas Outreach Activities.

Ø Look for new beneficiaries.

8. Learn a new SKILL


Ø Nihongo and Spanish Language

Ø Latin Prayer


Ø At least 1booklmonth

Ø Share new learning to each other.

Ø Watch/listen more CATHOLIC TALKS from our beloved mentors.

10. More healthy lifestyle

Ø Meat Fasting ( TUESDAY& FRIDAY)

Ø Waking up early

Ø Exercise at least 4/week

Ø Take vitamins and supplements.

Ø Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Ø Less of meat intake as much a possible.




Please pray for Rhys my 4 year old grandson who is in the hospital. He was rushed there with a very high fever and severe breathing issues. He is being treated for pneumonia and a virus. Jesus hold him in Your loving healing arms, he is Your child and our delight and gift. Thank you.


Broussard LA

My daughter is not living a holy life. She wants to divorce her husband and she doesn’t really have a desire to save her marriage and keep her children together. I pray for the family. I pray for my daughter to listen to the Holy Spirit and keep the commandments. She is drowning us all in sorrow. Pray for our family.

Kathy M


For Kay G. suffering with severe colon problems, sepsis, liver, kidney, other problems.
That God’s will prevail and for her family to heal.



Please pray for the my niece Michelle, she is going thru a lot with her husband and kids. She has a lot of anger, sadness, disappointment, regret and feels betrayed.
She is broken and losing her faith!


Newtown, Bucks County, PA

Can you please say a prayer for me that I will pass my Confined Space Rescue Technician written examination i’m on my final attempt for it. Also, please say another prayer for me to pass my General Requirements written examination and my college academics/my college examinations. I struggle with tests and academics because I have a learning disability called PDD. It is a form of Aspergers. I would love to pass my General Requirements and my Confined Space written examinations.


Enderlin ND

Please pray that my left eye will heal from my retinal attachment surgery and I will be able to pass eye exam and return to work soon thank you


Columbia crossroads, pa

For my sons cat that he recovers and lives a long time


Columbia Crossroads, PA

For my family, that they always stay close to God, especially two of my sons…Peter and John who do not attend church. Peter has four children and he allows them to go to ccd and we bring them home after mass. John’s wife is a new Catholic and has no example because John doesn’t go himself. But yes for Shawn, Pauly, Sara, Peter, Sam, Luke, Maddie, Riley and Kenzie, Anna, Matt, Lana, Cole. Claire and the unborn baby, John, Cassie and big Paul and myself. Thank you.

Br. Alex

Stockbridge, MA

1. That all Christians are overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and enveloped in Mother Mary’s Fiat, so they persevere to the end and be Jesus’ light in the world, and win many more souls for Jesus.

2. Through the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that all baptized Christians, especially priests, religious, and consecrated souls receive the grace of the Holy Seal of God, the gift of the Living Seal of God, so they be sealed in the blood of the Lamb, and given graces of unfailing perseverance, unfailing fortitude, and unfailing obedience to God’s commands, so they are eternally saved and Jesus’ Light in the world, and that many more people are won for Christ and are also eternally saved.

3. Through the intercession of the Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and of all the Angels and Saints, may a ceaseless plenitude of powerful graces fall upon all peoples, especially all the enemies of the Church. May the Guardian Angels of all the enemies of the Church continually intercede for them to remove all obstacles that keep them from converting. May a share of all daily Masses and prayers and graces envelop all peoples, and through the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, may a double portion of graces be continually sent on all peoples, especially all the enemies of the Church, so no souls be eternally lost.



I’d like to request prayers for my marriage. My husband and I have been together 26 years and married 22 years. Throughout the years we’ve had various issues that are finally taking a real toll on us and our marriage. I feel like he’s giving up. We love one another and neither one of us wants to break our covenant so we’re trying to get help. At this time, all prayers for our marriage and all those marriages that are struggling would be so appreciated. Thank you so much
In God’s love


Sagamore hills Ohio

Please pray that my dog Chloe makes it through surgery and comes out of anesthesia just fine. She is older and I fear for her making it through. I love her very much, please


Mandeville, Jamaica

Please pray for me as its the start of the year and I am feeling somewhat despondent as I want to move from where I am living now but things are just not working out. A house I’m suppose to get is being held up by a person who got notice but refused to move. However I don’t necessarily want to go to that house. I just need a house for me and my 4 yr old son to move into as where we live are filled with Satanists and I need a job urgently but I’m being blocked by the enemies.



My wife has been having several physical symptoms but not sure why or what is causing them. Please pray for answers and the right consultants. Also, please pray for total healing, emotional resilience, peace and encouragement as my wife feels helpless. She also has an eating disorder and all of her health issues are making this worse and she needs God’s help to get her eating on track and do her exercises. She needs wisdom, strength and encouragement for all of this. Thank you.