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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


Louisville, Kentucky

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Amy Casabella


Tekamah NE

I’m looking to start a men’s group at my local parish. I’m not confirmed yet in the Catholic Church and I have no skills to lead or develop a men’s group. But I see a church not being led by men but of women. I want to see the seats filled with Godly men leading their families. But I have no idea what to do. Asking God to lead my steps, grow men to lead, love and follow God. Thank you and God Bless



Please pray that God will have mercy on me. That God will forgive me my sins. That God will save my soul from all my sins past and present that I be reborn. I be re-erected in my soul. I could be at peace with God. I can be at rest with God knowing my past and present sins are all forgiven. Please pray that God will protect my praying mantis pets. That God will protect them and keep them safe. I raise them for 5 years. Every spring year they hatch eggs. I have little baby praying mantis. Please pray for their safety. They are God’s creatures. People are killing them. They’re innocent creatures. People have stepped on them, have smashed them against the wall. They feel pain too! God sent me an engine praying mantis. It was injured. it fell off a tree and ended up on my lap. God said you’re an angel from heaven to protect all My creatures. To protect my creatures from being endangered from human crudeness. I took the praying mantis and I took care of it and it got better. Then it hatched and had little babies. I raised the babies up to became adults. They make loving, good pets. People are very cruel to God’s creatures on purpose. We are on earth to protect all God’s creatures from being in danger from human cruelties. I love God’s creatures. Please pray for their safety. Please pray for their safety in the home and that nobody finds and hurts them. I have many spots in my room. I’m afraid somebody will find them and kill them. Please pray that I go on waiting list for another house. I’m on contract and it’s because of the administrator, the administrative supervisor put me on contract. He’s blaming me for all his lying and gossiping. He gossips and lies about me to my family. He’s threatening me and threatened my house and he’s turning the agency against me. My family is turning against me and believe in all his lying and gossip. He’s saying things behind my back to my family and my family tells me what he says. My family gets very angry and very mentally emotionally abusive. He spreads lies.


San Diego

That my Dad, and Grandpa Chuck comes back to the Catholic church and goes to mass. That my Mom goes to mass regularly. That Brian, Forrest, Mark, Josh, and Rob get their children baptized and start going to church. That I am a light to the people I meet and they see Jesus through me. That I am successful at work and in teaching RCIA. And that Mary Undoer of Knots untangles all the knots in my life and those mentioned above so that we can witness with joy our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


If you would please pray for a man whose foot is broken so badly it was only hanging by tendons. He needs a miracle of healing…or an amputation. I know you guys carry “the big guns” there for intercessions. Please, Please & Thank You!!!


Maineville, Ohio

For my daughter Carrie who is trying to survive breast cancer. She will have a mammogram on June 7 to see if she is still surviving it.


N.Weymouth, Mass.

My Lord and Father bless and protect all who have bared with me and taught me with love. I couldn’t see the love and it was EVERYWHERE! May your face always shine upon them and lead them home to you in paradise .



For my son Ian 💙for success in his studies and career..that he turn around in attending mass and loving ❤Jesus the most and gift of inner conversion..for the whole family 👪


Columbia, Missouri

As I move closer towards coming into the Church, I ask that you would please continue to pray for my family and I, that we may have healing, discernment and direction.
Your Brother in Christ,
Christopher Evans



Please pray for Father Ed Prus who celebrated 60 years in the priesthood since the day of his ordination yesterday. May God bless him, protect him and provide him with His Grace.

In His Most Holy Name Jesus Amen


Riverside, CA

My parents died this week, two days apart. We have a funeral Mass scheduled and Mass intentions scheduled. Please pray for the repose of their souls, and for those of us heartbroken. This is the hardest thing to do. Thank you.


Denver, Colorado

For my sister, Rosie who recently had surgery and is now in ER with fever. Heavenly Father, please heal her with Your precious blood and heal her from all ailments.



Please pray for my sister-in-law Linda. She has a severe neurological disorder that her doctors have yet been able to fully diagnose after many tests and medicine. Linda tripped and fell severely bruising her body, also had X-ray to may sure she didn’t brake her collar bone. She is discouraged, frightened, losing her memory. Can’t drive anymore because of seizures. Please heal dear Jesus. Thank you. God bless


Delton, MI

for the courage to go to confession again, regularly.



Please pray for my siblings and myself as we care for our mother. Especially please pray for me , I feel responsible for choosing a procedure my mother had today, under my care. The procedure did not go well, please pray she heals quickly. In Jesus name I pray amen.






Please pray for Mark B., age 5, who will have emergency surgery tomorrow to remove a mass on his testicle. Jesus the divine healer, be with the doctors, and his family, and bring healing to Mark. May there be no cancer or any other issue. Jesus I trust in you!
My Fr. Larry have a happy, safe, restful & deserved mini-vacation!!!!! Thank you & God bless you Father!!



Please pray my heart is healed. Pray this situation with Greg resolves itself favorably. Pray my conversation with him goes great and I come up with right strategy. Pray Denise, Brian and I are healthy and safe. Pray I sleep well with no anxiety and I wake feeling great.



My cousins daughter who is a young wife and mommy has complications from her liver transplant. Her name is Arlene Marie. And a request for a special intention.


Raleigh North Carolina

In October of 2020, my wife and son had a falling out. They have not spoken since. My prayer request is that they reconcile their differences and come back to the reality that they are Mother and son and that it is sinful what they are doing.

Mary Ellen

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Please continue to pray for the 30 year old married mother hospitalized with Covid. She has developed a lung fungus and has received a tracheotomy, The doctors are considering surgery to remove the affected part of her lung. The family would appreciate your prayers. The mother’s newborn daughter continues to do well.



Please pray for a friend who is extremely ill in the hospital with covid. Please pray for his family. Thank you Jesus.

Lee Ann

Mckinney, TX

Please pray for my son Trenten. Pray that he meets a wonderful young lady of his age that he can form a relationship with. Also pray for direction for him. He is so depressed & so lonely.

Also, pray that Natalee returns to the church & that she meets a wonderful man her age.

Thank You! As a Mom my heart is breaking for my kids.

Mary Ellen

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Please pray for a 60 year old gentleman who was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident in which he sustained multiple broken bones including his pelvis and almost all of his ribs. He has just had to be intubated again. His family and friends would be most grateful for your prayers.

Mary Ellen

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Thank you for the prayers for the 30 year old married mother who has a newborn daughter and two other children other 6, and who continues to be hospitalized with Covid. The mother continues to be stable on ECMO. However, a spot has been found on her lungs. It is known to be a fungus and being treated. However, it will be week before the type of fungus is known. If it is a certain type, part of her lung will need to be removed. Her newborn baby daughter is on track for her gestation and is doing well. Please continue to keep this mother, her newborn daughter and her family in your prayers.