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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.



I would like to have the discernment to follow God’s will for my life! I am in a situation that is sort of confusing, so I am asking for clarity and a closer feeling of the love and mercy of God; Father, Son, and Spirit.

Paula Sayker

Lincoln , NE

My grandson Jarod has rejected his father, mother and 2 sisters for over 3 years.
They don’t know where he is because he will have nothing to do, not only with them, but with both sides of the entire family .
I have been praying for his return for over 3 years .
Please pray for him to be able to forgive and have a new heart of love for all of his family who love him so very much and to return to us.
Thank you so very much.

Paula S

John Van Nguyen

Orlando Florida

Pray for the woman of my life. She’s in a coma now.
Please help her wake up and come back to us

Her name is Jessamyn XXM Vue

John Van Nguyen

Orlando Florida

Pray for the woman of my life. She’s in a coma now.
Please help her wake up and come back to us.



My work closed doors. Need work. Need to know God’s plan for me.


Erie PA

For John Green to receive the comfort and peace only our God can provide. Please God be with him as he bears the cross and pain of his illnesses.


Melbourne, Florida

Please pray for my daughter Brooke who is struggling with auto immune disease.
I pray the Holy Spirit gives her the strength to accept her diagnosis and grow closer to the Lord.


Lynchburg, VA

Please Pray for Liam, a little one who went through a liver transplant, and he keep getting fevers then he end up in the hospital, some doctors are asking for a full body scan, that is too much for a little one to take, please pray that God in His mercy will Heal him without the need for the scan and He will send complete healing that he will will not end up in the hospital all the time, Thank you and God Blessing to all.


God start supernaturally leading and guiding “the right people” (the kind of people I have petitioned and asked for in prayer and sown seed and given offerings for) to the new church building immediately by chance, Your supernatural influence and divine leading and order and ordinance, and by just influencing their minds supernaturally to come and stay at our new church and have it become a church home for them and make them regular attendees and inhabitants of the new building all the time. And bless the church ministry and staff/members in a way so that they accommodate “the right people” and cater to them by divine ordinance and leading continually in a way aligning with the Eden-like atmosphere I’ve been praying for to be rooted into the building and ministries and service so that it divinely leads to the order I wish to be maintained in the church to have the desired outcome and that be a permanent part of the services and operation of the church and ministries to always be influencing the desired outcome to come about supernaturally in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Please pray for my daughter that the hurt and angry that she has will be taken away by our Lord JESUS. That she will be open to GOD’s mercy and love. She attends mass but is distant and doesn’t feel apart of her faith. Thank you and GOD bless you


Machias, Maine

Holy Mother, please draw Eric to Jesus Christ. Please help Eric to know Jesus as his Savior and as his Lord. Pray pray for good friendship between Eric and Jesus. Pray that Eric can find faith, hope, and love in The Sacred Heart of Jesus and find comfort in your Immaculate Heart. Please bless and protect him in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen!!!

Ioan Tanase

North Highlands

Please, I need prayer for my mom who is very physically sick and has chronic anxiety and depression. Please pray for my mom in faith and ask Jesus to heal her completely. Thank you so very much.



Please pray for God to heal my broken heart by giving me back the love of my life Jeremy

James (J Ron)


Be more effective in communicating the reality & goodness of Jesus Christ & Christianity in general to my children, grandchildren & “Family” without being “preachy”; also being a better example of fatherly love…



I pray the Lord would open my womb and bless me and my husband with children

Mary Regina


My mother, Mary Regina (aged 58) was operated for 2nd stage breast cancer on 17th June 2019. Her one of the breast is removed. The lump is now sent for lab work. I strongly pray that the lump should not be an aggressive cancer lump. I believe in Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints. With their intercession, I request your powerful prayers for my Mother whom I love the most in the world that she be cured completely from cancer and live a long and healthy life. Please pray for my Mother.
Many Thanks
Vasanth Paul

Michael Moore

Toronto Ontario Canada

Please Pray for my Family, God will Grant us a Supernatural Financial Blessing, to Pay our Rent, Debts, & Obligations,(all past due) Thank you…


San Rafael CA

Please pray for our Pope Francis, for my deceased father, Lui, for the Online Holy Souls Purgatory Project, For all Souls, Living and Deceased. Glory to God in the Highest


New York

O Holy Trinity One Holy God, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the injured animals in forests and rainforests. Amen.


New York

O Holy Trinity One Holy Lord, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the modernisation of rainforests and forests. Amen.

Mary Regina


I love my Mom, Mary Regina more than anyone else in the world. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. I am shattered with this news. She has an operation scheduled on 17th June 2019. I believe in Lord Jesus Christ and I humbly request your prayers for my Mom (Mary Regina) that she get a successful operation, get the courage to battle this disease and get a very long and healthy life.
Many Thanks



Please pray for my young adult son who is extremely depressed. His attempts at getting help have not worked. He goes for days without leaving the house. I’m in constant prayer for him. I don’t know what else to do. Thank you for praying


New York

O Holy Spirit, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the injured animals in forests and rainforests. Amen.


New York

O Holy Spirit, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the modernization of forests and rainforests everywhere. Amen.



Please pray for healing of our daughter F and her husband R. They have 6 beautiful children and they are having major marital problems. She says she wants a divorce, he doesn’t. She has truly lost her way over the last 6 months. She has gone from a wonderful wife and mother who made time for all and saw that her children got to Mass and went to Catholic school. She is in a very dark place in her life, and is so disconnected from her husband, children and all our family. Please pray for her conversion, repentance, reconciliation and healing of deep wounds. Her husband though not perfect has been picking up the pieces and giving the children as a secure a home as possible over the last 6 months. She has disengaged from us all. Please pray pray and pray. They need a true miracle. May St. Gabriel, St. Michael and St. Raphael and their Guardian Angels intercede for them. WE pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet, plus scripture. If there is a way we need to pray to intercede, please email me asap. WE are trying to best support our son in law and help him with loving and stabilizing the children and we would like to be able to talk with her, but she does not make time for us. Please pray, they need deep soaking prayer and the Precious Blood of Jesus poured over them. Thank you so much for praying