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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


New York

O Lord Jesus Christ, I place my mother’s and my bankruptcy into Thy Holy Hands so that Thou provide us money to live. Amen.


New York

O Heavenly Father, I place my mother’s and my bankruptcy into Thy Holy Hands so that Thou provide us money to live. Amen.



Please pray for my girlfriend Susan. She is my best friend since high school. Now 50 years later I have the blessing, We are still best friends. We are sisters my buddy and I. We share our happiness and pain. Susan is hurting. Her life is in turmoil, mentally, physically, emotionally. She is broken in spirit and heart. She is questioning God, that He would bring all of this. I love her dearly. Susan has not had an easy life. Jesus please comfort hold her in Your loving arms. Thank you God Bless


Amherst, NY

Please pray for my sister, Kathy Pearce that has terminal brain cancer



My brother Jim’s medical health he’s 13 and has the longest list of health issues please pray for God’s will for his life



Please pray for my sister Louann, she is 64 and has been fighting breast cancer since 1999. Yesterday she lost what was left of her hope. She had been on a Clinical trial drug for metastatic breast cancer for the last four months. She had to be approved for this trial and was doing it not only for herself but for others who want to continue to live and beat this horrid disease. Louann’s last pet scan showed it was not working. She feels that she lost another 4 months of her life because she was so sick from the side effects from the drug. Louann had a mastectomy in 1999 many radiation treatment s, lymphodema that her arm is filled with so much fluid she can’t get a regular blouse or dress on. The sleeves have to be big enough to fit her swollen, painful, and many times infected arm. She has had 28 chemo treatments in 2004 and 2005. She was on a chemo pill for one and a half years. So many blood tests and attempts to get her blood and scans you can’t count them all. Her veins are so thin it takes sometimes over 3 sticks to try to get blood. Sometimes they just can’t. She is having her lung tapped as I share this so that she doesn’t feel she is drowning in the fluid in her lungs. Many days she is in bed for days with her oxygen, suffers from depression, loneliness, fear. Now the doctors want to try chemo again, she has no hope. She said at least the other times she saw an end to the treatments. Please pray for my dear sister Louann. She is kind and giving and compassionate even in all of her suffering. Please pray for me that I have the strength to take care of Louann in however our dear Saviour Jesus is calling me to do. Thank you Jesus and God Bless.



Please pray for me. I have allowed a situation to rob me of my peace of mind and not live each day joyfully. I am tired I have allowed mortals to control my situation and not surrender it to God. I am ashamed for I feel I have not accept ed His gift of grace and faith. Would I hand a present back to another dear friend? God is beyond Words of being my friend. He has given us his Son our Lord Jesus to die for me a sinner to die on the cross. Please pray for me. Thank you Jesus.God Bless You


Fort Worth Texas

I pray that we put God back into our country and allow our children to know God and are proud of our freedom to worship Him and talk about His love and message with pride and defend our love for Christ by being examples of what true joy is so that those who find empty hearts and indifference to the responsibility God gives us by cowering to media and politics that try to divide us and become complacent to the God less society and tolerance of numbing our children via violent video games, empty social media, intolerance of Christianity in our schools and fear of appearing intolerant of human rights or of lacking compassion. Pray for me to be a instrument of peace and bring people together through love and by the grace of God as forgiver not as a elitist or fairy tale. Thank you Lord



Please pray for me and that I get the help I need at work and to help me with my job.

In His Most Holy Name Jesus



Central Florida

For my husband and my daughters to know Jesus and return to the Church.


Please pray for my two sons that they come back to the church; but most importantly that they find their way back to Jesus! Thank you!


One of our beautiful kind and smart grandsons has Tourette’s with loud verbal tics he has no control what so ever ! This is all new to us and him the past few months. Doctor’s said it’s the rare and worse kind. He is broken and hates having them. Prayers are much needed for him. We love him so much and its so hard seeing him have this.


Jamestown NY

Please pray for my husband’s mother who has dementia, also for my husband and myself who are dealing with health issues.


Please pray for my husbands soul. His name is Daniel.. He’s joined a group of people that openly worship the devil. They perform on stage in a burlesque troupe. He’s doing routines himself that have heavy anti- religious themes. He also wants to end our marriage (of 13 years) for one of these dancers or open our marriage to have sex with these kind of people! I feel the devil is in our home. Please pray for him and our protection. That God will turn him away from this evil.



Would you please pray for Fiona my daughter and Rebecca my granddaughter both are travelling around Europe.
And for me for the grace to live in the present moment.

Thank you so much and may God Bless You




For my family, that we may each experience the love of God in our hearts



For my health issues


For my daughter’s safety during her work trip to Albania in a couple of weeks.


Mint Hill, NC

Fr. Larry, I am asking for prayers to resist doing my will and to do the will of the Father I take care of my mentally challenged sister. I let my anger boil over when she doesn’t conform to my will. I am begging God to help me. Thank you for all you do.

Barbara Poyys

Our Lady of Lourdes, Vancouver, Wa.

I have had nervousness, fear anxiety, you name it, following cancer surgery in 2016. I have been on and off medication and I continue to have symptoms that rob me of the Peace and Joy of The Holy Spirit. May I learn the lesson to learn and receive the peace and joy I once had. Thank you Jesus.


Cleveland, OH

For a difficult situation – someone I know is causing problems.


Cleveland Ohio

Please pray for my 22 year old college son who is in his first relationship. Sadly, she is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and she was not raised with faith. I am concerned that my son does not have clarity when it comes to his girlfriend. Will you please pray for him to have wisdom and peace to choose the path that Jesus has for him? And for his protection in all areas; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically? Thank you with all my heart.

Julian Simplicio Fernandes

Mumbai, india

This is for thanks giving your prayers and intercession for release of son alroyd vessel grace 1 and reaching home safe and sound after the traumas at Gibraltar South Spain. Please pray for his safety from his employer who had engaged him and 4 threatening crew members and all his dues are paid in full without obstruction and gets another employment in a safe environment and deliver him wife shaista children and families from bondage of Islam and rebellion.
Also pray and intercede for desperate situation daughter Asmita undergoing separation trauma evicted from home by non fearing god hubby Abie of 6 years marriage being impotent, is blessed with peace harmony and protection in new accommodation, landlady, fellow mates, healthy meals preparation and a God fearing employed life Catholic partner with out harassment from Abie and able to sell off intended jointly house land property and obtain her investment portion peaceably and abie turn in fear of God Almighty in Jesus Christ sincerely repents and is healed of impotence, pride, lying, deceiving and stops from being atheist and contacts his heart broken mother with fear of God in his heart and be healed spiritually, physically and mentally.
That I be delivered from my Present tenants in my goa house by name Ravi singh and fellow mates and another one by name Manoj and wife in my Ave Maria House vacate peacefully and that they are blessed in their jobs careers, children and spouses are healed and blessed and my forgivingness if I have been harsh Or hard With them in ange.
Present landlord of our building kharwa sikshan Samaje harassing me for repairs at tenants cost, negligence and other issues that we all be delivered from Their blackmail, harassment extortion and evil agendas and do proper repair works in my place of stay with strong stilts underneath to prevent collapsing and roof rainwater leakages.
I intend to develop my small plot of land (in Madgao, Goa) of my life-savings erect residential building and proposal from builder Goa Developers Allauddin brought in by acquaintance Tony Fernandes. That plans to erect the building with two free accommodations proposed to me i.e. for daughter and son and payments to be made by the builder goes fairly sincerely honestly without cheating by him, partners, agents and govt. officials, expecting high gratification sincerity and honestly and all obstructions cleared. That entire document process goes smoothly without any obstructions and rebellious uncooperative son Alroyd execute s Power of Attorney also daughter Asmita with equal share with demanding uncooperative son alroyd and his Moslem wife and with out threat s or harassment or obstacles and peacefully. That all legal documents like Succession Deed, plot 41 Goa builder Allaudin, with Collector, are cleared processed and I given genuine originals of succession deed, etc. including agreement documents commitments in exchange for 2 accommodation s and rightful payments made to me without delay or cheating and from rebellious ungrateful son Alroyd and Moslem wife shaista and her parents and family members.
In Jesus name i pray.


Newtown, PA

Please help me to overcome my challenges and obstacles. Please help me to pass my Structural Collapse Rescue Technician Levels 1 and 2 written tests. Also, please let me do well on my dive skills and my college academics. I do struggle with tests and different skills/academics because I have a learning disability called PDD. Please let me do right in God’s eyes and also for me to stop sinning.



pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep. pray for my marriage and family pray for vacation will be safe,fun,holy and healthy. pray for Ryan and friends will be safe,fun holy time. pray for Missy and all who are sick. pray for Brian and all who have died. pray for A.F and family will have a healthy and will exercise and lose weight. prayfor cleanling,babysitting goes well.