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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.



Please pray for me, Satan is on my back. I am in church praying the rosary. Praise Jesus my Living Savior



Please pray for my stepson Aaron. He is a beautiful young man but does not know it. He suffers from severe depression from mental illness. He is a disabled veteran from the Air Force and suffered much loss because of what his dream was, to be in the Air Force. . He is here with his dad and me and feels like he has let everyone down. Pray too for me and his dad that we have the insight and strength to help him. I know I can’t do it on my own, I can’t do anything on my own without my Saviour Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit please remove all fear from me, You are one of power, love and sound mind. Thank you and God bless all who pray for us


Please pray for my cousin and his baby boy who is very sick and may have Covid. Thank you!


Gig Harbor, Wa

Youngest son and his wife- for salvation and healing in marriage. Oldest son to return to the Lord knowing he’s loved and forgiven by God. Grandchildren return to the Lord. All my family members to have a closer relationship with Jesus and Mary


Omaha, NE

For Jake and TJ – for negative COVID tests.



I am constantly negative. My neck is getting to me. I wait to be healed. There are times I am negative, so I ask for your help in prayer to help me be strong in everything. I think I need to be more positive emotionally and patient in the Lord. Amen. I just need to be more positive about me in every thing I think about me. Amen

Dear Lord, the Holy Spirit is so much a part of me. He told me I will heal you and I will. Now the doctor has me doing new neck exercises and I will be seeing a specialist for pain management. I love my trilogy. Pray for me. There is power in prayer. Amen. thank you for hearing my prayers Jesus. Amen


Johns Creek, GA

Please pray for Phyllis, who is in hospice with lung cancer.



For Mike & Katie who are very close to divorce. For Mike & Katie to work through alcoholism and for their son. May they turn to God for help and find new ways through and with Jesus to get through to a place to save their marriage and family life.
May the intercession of our ancestors and deceased relatives who battled alcoholism or suffered effects of it, pray for their help and healing. May their guardian angels and holy angels and saints help them.
Holy Spirit please bring the right people and situations into their lives to help them soon.
In thanksgiving Father Larry’s continued recovery!!!
For the repose of the souls of recently deceased: Msgr. Richard Wolbach, Conseulo Aviles, Arlene M., Cora H, Chris R., Bernadette M, and Mike H. For a return of everyone to Our Lord, Christ Jesus!!
For an end to Covid, to hatred, division and evil everywhere. For a return to the Catholic Faith of all that left or walked away! Jesus I Trust In You!



Requesting prayers for my daughter Taylor whose home and all her possessions destroyed in the Oregon wildfires. She is safe but homeless and only has clothes she was wearing on Tuesday. Asking for the angels to form hedge around her and that our Savior look down and keep her safe and guide her steps. Thank you so very much from a moma 3000 miles away and feeling completely helpless during this devastating time in her life.



impossible brain other healing

Thamara Midy


I pray that I sign a recording contract to a record label.



I have had depression 25 years now and I can’t carry on like this anymore. Nothing helps it and I have cried out to God day and night. I don’t have the strength or the hope to carry on much longer. I need God to heal me before I end my life. This is simply too much to bear and I can’t do it anymore. Please pray God loves me enough to pity me and heal me quickly so I can live to see tomorrow and give my testimony. Otherwise, tomorrow won’t happen.


Maryland Heights, MO

Please pray for mental, physical, and spiritual healing for my son. Please pray that he stop using marijuana and is agreeable to any help that he needs. Please pray that he goes to college and makes many moral and holy friends. Please pray for healing of all family relationships. Please pray for healing of any mental illness.


Maryland Heights, MO

Please pray for mental, physical, and spiritual healing for my son. Please pray that he stop using marijuana and is agreeable to any help that he needs. Please pray that he goes to college and makes many moral and holy friends. Please pray for healing of all family relationships. Please pray for healing of any mental illness.


South Louisiana

PLEASE pray for all of those here in Louisiana that have been affected by Hurricane Laura especially southwest Louisiana (Lake Charles, etc.). Devastating destruction. Even though we are 45 miles to the east of Lake Charles family and people we know had destruction to their homes here as well. The Diocese of Lake Charles has damage to EVERY Church in the Diocese. PLEASE pray for all of them because it will be weeks and maybe months before they even get their electricity back and they are having to clean up everything in the heat, humidity and with all of the terrible mosquitos. Thank You all. God Bless.


Cleveland OH

Prayers for Nicholas, In the hospital. His mother Dianne is asking.



Please pray for my girlfriend Anita, she is my best friend and a sister to me for 47 years. Her Dad who I have called Pop had a procedure a year ago, has never been the same. Anita says “she lost her father that day, he is not the dad she knew”. She takes care of him mostly by herself, he is on dialysis. Anita is tired. Please pray for her and that her faith grows. Please pray for Pop too. Thank you and God bless. Thank Jesus


Cranberry Township (Pittsburgh)

Please pray for a young, sweet girl Mary M who had an accident on a trampoline and cannot move from the middle of her chest down. Please fervently ask Blessed Seelos’ for his intercession and for complete healing. God heals us for service. I know He has great love for this lovely lady.



Fr Larry, I beg you to please pray for my 6 month old grandson Lucas Gabriel to be healed of his severe eczema. My daughter, his mother, seems to be in despair and gets very anxious and very upset when she gets hold of her son. Please Fr. Larry, pray for the healing of my grandson and for my daughter not to be separated from the love of God. Thank you


Magnolia, DE

My healing so I continue to serve my Lord and God



I humbly ask you to please pray for my daughter who is gay to turn from her same sex attraction and return to the Church and her sacraments. Also, could you please pray for me as I’m having to have two teeth extracted very soon due to an infection that seems to be spreading throughout my jaw and I’m afraid. I’m hoping that the surgery and recovery will be quick & easy and without complications if its God’s will. I’m trying so hard to look at Jesus and not the storm. Thank you for your prayers!
God Bless you always and may our blessed mother Mary keep you in her loving care.

Bobby Standen


Praise God for provision, health, safety, grace, mercy and all the answered prayers..
PRAYERS FOR THIS NATION. Prayer for revival and healing over this nation. Cessation of the rioting, violence, looting, murders, destruction of property, disrespect for police and those in authority, and other. Continued prayers for this upcoming election and for God to put His people into office and overcome this evil that is so prevalent in this nation today. PRAYER FOR ALL CHRISTIAN LEADERS, TEACHERS, PASTORS, AND CHRISTIANS TO take prayer and fasting seriously this week and coming months as we head into the election. A lot is at stake for this country and for Christians.
Pray for the leaders of this nation to look at the national debt and to quit spending monies we do not have and heading us to bankrupt US. Quick enabling people. Stop the Democratic Agenda via their proposed new bill for COVID relief. Let Government officials take responsibility for the debt and stop it, reduce it before it is too late.
Prayer over major review over what is actually being taught in our schools – all levels thru universities and review of textbook for things like Marism, not teaching history, God. What is being brain washed into children where they are all so “liberal”, “lack accountability”, “anger/hostility”, “lack of responsibility”, “hatred/violence”, “look at last election when universities having melt down because Hillary did not win – something majorly wrong with this picture”. Need to start litigating colleges for harassment, hate, taking away freedom of speech for conservatives and bible believing groups – Need to fight back against this intolerance agenda. Christian groups need to get engaged in the schools and colleges – teach, develop groups on and/off campuses.
God show us how/when we should pray and fast especially for nation, election, violence / hatred/evil agendas in this nation, protection and proper funding for police and national security. FOR GOD TO TAKE CONTROL OVER this evil element that is trying to take control over this nation and for cessation of politicians and those in authority over us allowing the rioting, destructions of property, hate crimes (killing and injuring innocent people), defunding police, destruction of public (including statues) and personal property, & let those in authority over us to hold people accountable for evil, misdeeds, destruction, hate crimes (killing and injuring innocent people) and quit releasing criminals and those actually doing criminal actions / misdeeds….Justice for all. Also all lives matter – white, black, Mexican, Latino, Asian, Jews, Christians, and others. Eliminate what is starting to be reverse racism/hatred.
Pray for the nation to work on underlying issues where Black AND MINORITIES feel there may be injustice or inequality or where there is injustice and inequality. (a) there does need to be some police reform (training, monitoring hours police work in adverse situations as jobs are stressful and even more so now when there is lack of respect for police, physical harming of police, police vehicles, but also accountability for illegal / immoral acts and elimination of blue code and other. We need investigations where there are reported incidences of police brutality (understanding the circumstances and situationes IE current riots. (b) education in schools that are not performing well (c) reduction of drop out rates for all children (look at issues for drop out and address underlying issues) (d) shop and other skills sets taught in high school to aid those that cannot or do not wish to go to college to obtain jobs and revisiting jobs where all of these “degrees” are required when they are not really necessary and/or skills that can be taught with OJT (e) Keeping kids out of gangs (f) Young parents (underaged) ability to complete education and be gainfully employed post high school (g) Community centers and big brother big sister programs (essential especially if we take # of black families that do not have a father in the home)– can be supported by churches, community groups and others – does not necessarily need to be govt sponsored – get some of these athletes, actors, actresses, companies, politicians funding BLM to get engaged money and time (h) drug/alcohol programs – (this leads to addictions that also impacts crime and people in jails as well as # of young people dieing from Opiod crisis and other) (i) bullying and hate/lack of respect for everyone including color, different political affiliations, religion and other (j) other
Inner city and low income schools to have the same quality of education and the same resources (computers, tools) that more wealthy areas have; support people being able to choose schools their children can attend and a fair system. Calling all of these actors, actresses, athletes, Christians to put their money where mouth is and fund inner city schools, rec programs, tutoring, and assistance for children (male and female) that become parents at early age to assist in their completion of education, working on programs to keep children out of gangs/violence. Look at statistics and work on issues for underperforming schools (for all not just one race). Look at preschool programs to ensure all children are ready for school, Look at Reading programs (without reading comprehension children cannot succeed), Look at why all children drop out of high school and address issues (black male is highest high school dropout) – not just government but we the people. Look at if it is true that more white obtain financing for homes / loans and others and more minorities including black and Latinos are declined and if declined are there valid reasons (IE is everyone held to same standards – time on job, down payments, credit ratings) and if not fix the issues. All companies have nondiscriminatory POLICIES hiring, wages…look into are there really nondiscriminatory – taking “race out of equation or religion or female/male component” are companies paying people same rates for same skills sets, qualifications understanding that people hired at different points in time may be paid at different rates (that exists for all people). Look at Colleges and Universities and criteria for accepting people of all races – is this nondiscriminatory. Look at college graduation rates / academic performance especially for ALL (not by race) that are first generation attending college, or those showing signs of struggle in first year. Financing for education equal at all levels. There are work opportunities for people to do while attending college that is what older generations did as there was not all of the government financing. Monitor ALL how much debt allowing these children to get into and ability to be successful post-graduation. Sometimes maybe working and going to school or taking slower and not having so much debt might be better for individuals long term careers!! ALSO not all roles really need COLLEGE DEGREES and not all individuals are designed for college. On Job Training Programs for even roles like Admins, entry level production jobs. Training programs back in high schools for construction, welding, office work etc. PRAY GODs leading. MONITOR does not get reverse discrimination in trying to help. Programs should be for all people, all races, all nationality, and all religions. FOCUS on problem or issues hiring – taking race out of equation, are we hiring best person for job based upon candidates available. Note this applies to all businesses not just WHITE. IE Black, Latino, and Asian – are they hiring best candidates for roles based upon applicants and equal pay. This should be applied in all directions.
Extra prayers for the President, Vice President and Administration – God lead them. Guide them. Protect Them. Give those Words, Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment. Prayer for God’s covering and guardian angels to protect them help them.
Prayer for healing over US Racism. Racism is on all levels white to black, black to white, black to Mexican, Mexican to black, all too oriental. Pray for all to love, respect their neighbors and treat them as they would like to be treated.
Again – lots of Prayer for education system and people to be able to elect the schools their children go to help those in inner city, certain schools to elect to send their children to better schools. Pray for quality teachers are placed in inner city, poor rated schools. PRAY OVER THE CURRICULUM AND BRAIN Washing GOING ON IN SCHOOLS – All schools thru College. PRAY FOR review of text books, teachings to be teaching facts, history, and not political agendas/hate. Teach acceptance of people from left and right and not just left and students threatened/hatred acts if right or middle or if parents voted trump. PRAY For protection over Christian students and those supporting the RIGHT agendas. PRAY for educational institutions to support freedom of speech and to act on these hate acts (no matter who is doing them – stop) Pray for campuses to have active large groups of students that are seeing the light and understand what is going on and support the Right and Christian values. PRAY major turnaround-open eyes they may see (as well as their parents).
Pray for people like the guy in Minnesota to work with the children, youth to help them get an education and build skill sets and stay out of gangs. Pray of Community Centers and strong Christians to get engaged here and show love, encouragement, support, guidance as well as in individual one on one – programs like big brother, big sister programs and for responsible people to get engaged with the various programs to help those of all races, nationalities, religions, to succeed and be given opportunity. Education, job skill sets are key & keeping children out of gangs, drugs, crime.
Pray for Republicans to continue to push the police reform and pray to God for Him to open the doors and to help make the change that is needed. Pray for God to provide adequate funding for police and national security and Pray for God to overcome the evil and leftist political agendas to defund police. Protection over the police – majority are good and trying to do well. Cessation to politicians to having the police stand back and to politicians refusing government support to bring these riots, violence, and destruction under control – allowing what is totally not right, unjust. God Help us. Prayer for the Police as majority are good, honest and trying to do a good job. With over 700 being injured and a number being killed during past few months, pray for this to stop! Pray for protection over the police and God to surround them with His guardian angels. Give them wisdom, discernment, patience, integrity, peace.
Pray politicians at Federal Government and State Goernments like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle have to be accountable for their actions. Pray God enters their hearts and souls and quit supporting and allowing the riots and destruction of property and anger to perpetuate. Pray if needed for Federal Govt Intervention and for Fed Agents to quickly gain control. Pray these politicians are removed from office as soon as possible and law and order brought back. Pray for those funding these actions to have to pay for restoration of buildings, property and peoples lives/income where businesses destroyed. Not Govt the politicians and other funding this. Accountability for actions.
Extra prayers for the upcoming election and for God to put His People into Office. Pray for Trump, Pence to win the election by landslide as well as other offices in this United States (Fed, State, LocalAnd these seasts be filled with Godly people and there is a major over haul in the House/Senate. God back into this country, schools, homes. God help us if the Democratic agenda is put into place & further Christian persecution in US and disallowance of Christian activates churches.
Pray those paying for riots and destruction of property & loss of innocent lives pay consequence for same and are required to restore the massive destruction. Pray for their salvation (fast and pray for them and for God to turn their lives around). Pray for America! God Help Us! God revive us draw us to you. Open the eyes of the blind that they may see!
Pray for healing over this nation for all the anxiety, fear, anger, hostility that is created at least partially due to news media. Help people to turn off the news, turn off television, and steer away from the movies, NFL, NBA, and similar… Spend positive time with family, community. Play games, get hobbies, read, volunteer in communities and for low income or impoverished areas, join big brother/sister and other programs, take walks together, help others that are doing without, read the word, prayer…read, hobbies and other positive means of removing these negative influences on life Stop allowing the news media and tv shows/movies to brain wash you and your family and your community. Open our minds that we may hear and see. PRAY FOR NEWS MEDIAS – Salvation and to present facts and get out of bias political agendas and hatred and creating undue anxiety.
Pray for COVID and the supposed new Chinese Virus that has started there to end and be brought under control. Prayer for President Trump/Pence and other US leaders to enable them to make the right decisions and bring COVID under control and have ability to open up jobs (can keep NBA, NFL and Movies and other closed down – even if church needs to mee in smaller setting) HEALING. Pray for smooth re-opening of the US and Worldwide and removal of all of the lockdowns due to COVID and that people are able to get back to work and provide for themselves and their families REMOVE Lockdowns. Pray for COVID cases diminish and God’s miraculous removal of the COVID “fear”, “anxiety”, “illness”. Pray for people to be able to understand someone having COVID or testing positive for COVID can just mean they have had it, they have no symptoms, they have a cold, they have minor flu and there is 99% recovery rate. Stop the anxiety and paranoia. Pray for those that have been in abusive home situations, that have been seriously depressed and/or have serious anxiety or that have lost everything, lost their businesses, loss of family/friends, or those that died or have serious impacts due to delayed surgeries and/or medical treatment or having challenge with people returning to work due to high unemployment compensation and that God bless according to His will/plans..
Pray for the Salvation and also removal from public office/agendas of Pelosi, Clintons, Obama, Biden and others with the conspiracy and striving to destroy this nation from governmental and/or leadership positions and throw money (and more US debt that we cannot afford) at issues and increase national debt when America is already too indebted that puts America at risk. Replace these individuals with Christians that are led by you Father God. Claim their salvation and removal of the devil, demons from them. Claim parties be brought to trial and be accountable at same criteria regardless of political affiliations. Let the truth set us free – Let the truth be known. Let truths come out with the Clinton hearings and for them to become accountable. Pray for truth and accountability!
Prayer for God to put his people into office this November by landslides. Pray for failure of all the potential agendas for false, fake, mail in ballets, illegal votings, dead voting and other. Pray that proper ID has to be shown and only US citizens and there is a way to confirm the ID is not fake and for dead people or others.
Pray for God to be present & alive in our schools, college campuses and to lift up Christians to get involved with these groups as leaders, teachers, mentors, prayer warriors, financial resource providers to meet God’s needs/requirements for His Missions/His Purpose. Pray for God to get the truth about the bible, God & other & for masses to come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and claim salvation: for revival in hearts, minds, souls and turning to Christ.
Pray God put Christian leaders into all Government, legal system, School, Community roles. Pray God to give wisdom knowledge direction, discernment and to lead those in authority over us at Fed, State, and Local and for their salvation Pray for all political parties to be Godly, have ethics, integrity and willing to work together for God and for this Nation. Continued prayer for President & administration and our Nation and God to lead them, guide them, protect them, and make their paths known/clear. Pray for all people in authority over our nation & they be filled with the holy spirit & God take control over these decisions being made over the United States. Pray for revival in this nation and this nation turning back to God. Pray for God to control the 2020 elections and for God to put His people into office. Elimination of illegal & the dead voting or people voting in elections!!! Citizens of US should only be allowed to vote and pray for their votes to be of God and Gods leading.
Pray for politicians, news media and similar guilty of the major, lies, deceits, hate agendas and double standards are held accountable for their words, actions. Pray for God to convict them; prayer for their salvation and God to draw them into His kingdom. Pray for those that manage internet media including Facebook and others that remove items that are Christian related and/or conservative agenda related or that provide truths or information on Democratic Party. Pray for their salvation and for them to have integrity and strive for truth in lieu of agenda.
Pray for God and the Constitution to be the source for this country & not put into office people that cannot swear on bible and cannot or will not uphold the constitution. Prayer for salvation for those that are not saved including Obamas, Clintons, Oprah, CBS, NBC and others, Politicians, News Media, Actors/Actresses, Owners of media (all) and other. Pray for God to close their mouths from the negativity, lies, deceit, condemnation, hate agendas, socialism agendas, just portrayal of liberal agendas. Pray for a new honest, truthful news media station (radio and TV) some place we can trust.
Pray and lift up the Christians that are in the media, actors/actresses/athletes, politicians, teachers and other in public attention and they are able to stand strong in their faith in spite of all the harassment, persecution, injustices. God protect them, guide them, lead them, and direct them.
Pray citizens and politicians to understand and acknowledge the government does not have monies to continue to pay monies out to people during this Coronavirus and understand the national debt and the countries we owe monies to. Understand life is not free; do not keep encouraging people not to be financially responsible for their and their family’s lives. Pray as God gives wisdom to leaders to manage & reduce the national debt that both republicans and democrats work together on reduction of National Debt. We cannot continue in this cycle ACKNOWLEDGE ISSUES AND Work for changes required to reduce national debt & bring under control and that Republicans realize even under Trump we cannot keep increasing debt. God help us, guide us, Lead Us. God help us before it is too late.
Pray for God’s direction reference wall and those legitimately seeking asylum. Protect our nation from those who may enter illegally to seek, destroy. Give wisdom, knowledge, discernment to our leaders. Pray for Illegals not to be able to vote for elections in this country. Pray God’s leading. Help with many decisions regarding this topic that needs to be made.
Prayer for students in our elementary Jr high, high schools, colleges to cease the bullying, hatred. Help each student to set a positive example. Pray for students to step out in love, compassion to the new child, the outsider child, the under privileged child. Help them to be open to various opinions & objectives and quit being so focused on me and their personal agendas and be able to freely speak of Christian values & to demonstrate Christian values. Pray they can over-come the enemy and cause them to look to God. Prayer for protection, peace. Christ back into the schools. Pray for bibles, bible studies, prayers to be accepted within the schools. Pray they do not fall under prey for the liberal agendas and teachings but to be open minded and seek truth.
Prayer for teachers and school administrator’s salvation – teaching of truth, supporting Christian truths, values & teaching history of our nation and honesty about history. Teachers to support, encourage positive exchange of personal opinions and acceptance by all. School, Admin, Students quit bullying and hating students and/or their parents who support conservative and/or Christian agendas – again acceptance of all. Cessation of bullying students because their parents voted for Trump OR ANYONE ELSE should not be tolerated. This is still supposed to be a free nation where individual should be able to vote for whomever they believe is the right candidate for office. Without the hate, badgering, bullying!!! Pray for Christian Prayer, Bible Study, Christian courses to be offered in our schools, educational programs.
Removal of teachers/administrators from schools who promote biased political agendas and non-Christian beliefs, sexual promiscuity, sex end programs where the youth are now questioning whether they are meant to be with same sex or if they are bi sexual or gay/lesbian in lieu of acceptance of being a girl or a boy and sexual attractions to same sex – it is not just accepting of people that have chosen another life style but encouraging youth to “try” other! (God Help) & even more so God help and pray for parents that are encouraging children to test grounds of being bisexual or lesbian/gay in lieu of accepting orientation god gave them & the other being minor exception, abortions being acceptable form of birth control, political agendas, deviation or removal of Christianity from schools, abortion, etc. Removal of all the teachers/administrators/elected officials that promote Islam, Muslim, terrorist activities.
Prayer for the NFL, NASCAR, US SPORTS/ATHELETES and other such organizations to put God First and to show proper respect for the United States, Flag, National anthem. PRAY FOR THEIR SALVATION – FAST AND PRAY!!! Get the NFL, NASCAR and others involved in Chicago and other Major cities (and cities and towns across the nation), the Youth, and activities that aid in helping under-privileged, drug addicts, gangs, un-employed, un-educated or under-educated adults, others over-come obstacles , etc. Not “enable” but to help make them responsible, law abiding, and citizens. Let their “ACTIONS and LIVES, BANK ACCOUNT TRANSACTIONS SPEAK” thru examples & where their true heart and passion is. LET THEM CEASE FROM DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MIS-TREATMENT OF WOMEN, PEOPLE. Let them “SET EXAMPLES”. GET ENGAGED IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Let them be positive examples-big brothers-big sisters-mentors. Pray that news media does not support the agendas of raising fists, kneeling and showing other disrespect. Pray for people to cease watching the NFL football and engage in local school, college football to set the proper example and disallow & not support the negative actions/agendas and that these educational groups do show proper respect for the country, the flag, God, National Anthem. Do not support athletic – whether or Olympic or other that show disrespect for the President, this Nation or ask them to move to a country they do support. They should not be allowed to represent the United States of America in Olympics or anything similar if they do not “represent and support the USA”. Get them off the teams and put people on the teams and other that are proud to be and represent America! Pray for people to cease watching TV stations/programs/movies that cut out the national anthem, flag, US pins & show lack of support for this country and for God. Cease watching programs that are hate filled, pornography, racist, demon/devil/satin worship/witchcraft, hate filled – quit supporting the play rights/actors/actresses in these godless agendas. Pray for an awakening in this nation before it is too late. PRAY NEWS MEDIA AND OTHERS GET INVOLVED AND ENGAGED WITH COMMUNITIES, ISSUES AND TRY TO ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING ISSUES IN LIEU OF HATE/POLITICAL AGENDAS. Each one of them can make a difference! To not “enable children/adults to be disrespectful, hateful, bullies, non-educated, non-income coproducing citizens but to work with them to stop hatred bullying, gangs, drugs, alcohol & educate and become employed dedicated hard working citizens of this nation. Taking responsibility for their actions lives. God open doors to show when/where help is needed. Pray for news media to cease this “fear” reporting and keeping people in fear, anxiety, and hate.
Pray for all of those in entertainment and sports industry making their millions of dollars to start giving their money where their mouth is and help set up scholarship & skills program that give the people skills to make a living & reading programs & Christian prayer /classes & work programs for under-privileged youth and families & to get involved in parents commitment to their children, get involved in establishing safe/subsidized day cares for families to enable them to work, open businesses in areas where there are not a lot of opportunities to enable people to work, themselves get off drug/alcohol additions and help others to do the same, to show respect to others & set examples. Help them set up proper examples by not using all the foul mouth, the sex, drugs, hate, bullying. Let their mouth and money be put to good use & to help create jobs, work opportunities, scholarships (based upon certain criteria with race not being one of them – equal opportunity to black, Chinese, Mexican, white etc. impoverished) Try not to “enable people” but to give opportunities. Don’t “enable people to stay in poverty or feel as though they deserve what others have earned or are entitled” but to help give opportunities – learning, on the job training skills to enable them to work and be accountable for their lives including financially. PRAISE GOD for some of the recent acts of kindness IE person paying for 1000 children of fallen solder to Disney, person paying off student debt for kids getting out of school, child setting up fund/raising monies to buy bullet proof vests for police, etc. PRAY FOR THEIR SALVATION
Pray for the Government and we the people to quit Enabling people to not take accountability for their lives and finances. This does not translate to not help the needed, those having temporarily challenges, sick/oppressed. Pray for people to look at government programs that are “forever” people taking advantage or using various government programs that feel entitled in lieu of becoming self-sufficient and feeling they have primary responsible for taking care of themselves and their family. Lots of examples in manufacturing plants, retail, other jobs quit or get fired or reduce hours so they stay enabled under government programs in lieu of becoming totally accountable responsible adults Look at how we are enabling society for all the young people getting pregnant and being supported on government program…not taking responsibility for actions and receiving govt supports. Grandparents ending watching children/babies or they are left alone while these young ladies party, etc. and # of abortions! Both parents work or one is illegal, have multiple children don not marry do not claim father tend they all live in same houses – in some cases the woman is working “under the table” and /or getting “tips” that are not claimed – so 3 incomes, the father, the gov’t and the cleaning, hair, waitressing etc. God Help with making the right decisions and help families get back engaged with their families and supporting their families. We need accountability, self-sufficiency. Get back to where people are accountable for their actions, their lives, their financial being in lieu of their feeling they are Owed or they can work part-time, no time and get all these benefits, support systems while those that are trying to be accountable work 2 and 3 jobs to take care of themselves. Where are we really helping? How long do you help someone before they are to take steps to get on their own feet? Not talking about the minor % that is not physically or mentally able.
Pray for change in US mentality where the US is to bail everyone out and be responsible for everyone’s lives and businesses. Pray for people to get back to taking ownership and responsibility for their lives and financial responsibility. Not meaning does not help those truly in need. Get away from all the programs and nonprofits that are enabling in lieu of helping people get on their feet and take charge of their lives including programs that “keep reduced rent” so people quit jobs as they begin making more money so they do not have to pay more rent. Set up programs that work toward goal of people taking on their responsibility and not enabling them not to work to continue on government support programs.
Prayer For people impacted by mass killings, hurricanes, forest hires, hate crimes
Pray for our senior citizens & veterans and they get as much respect or greater than illegals. Also, help people understand social security was never meant to be a retirement program, it was a supplement.
Pray for the health insurance programs in America, excessive costs, lack of proper benefits. God help! People not paying for benefits should not have better benefits than those working and trying to pay for benefits or working and unable to pay for benefits.
Prayer for family, friends, current & past co-workers, owners, managers and those in prayer journal, contacts in our Facebooks. Linked in, emails (business and personal) contacts now and in the past, neighbors, room-mates and ex room-mates, neighbors, church members / attendees that are unsaved and claim their salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. Let them know God has never failed them. Help them to believe that only God can satisfy their deepest longings. Nothing can measure up to God. Be merciful to keep them safe until they come to God. Send a faithful bold witness to them such as Peter and John who could not help but speak to others of all they had seen and heard about Jesus. Lord send messengers like these to our friends and loved ones. Help me/us do our part. Redeem them from the pit they have dug for themselves. May they come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil who took them captive to do his will. May they know God’s love and compassion. May they know that only God can save them because there is no other way to be saved. Save them in name of Jesus.
Prayer for family, friends and those in prayer journal, facebook, business & personal email contacts, cell phone contacts, neighbors, church members/attendees who are struggling with mental, physical, emotional illnesses/challenges as well as those with challenges in work place (which is most people including Christians), loss of jobs, under-employed, struggling financially. Pray God guidance, peace, protects & god’s favor. Pray for God’s provision to meet financial needs and God to open doors where jobs are needed. May God lead, guide, direct & open all the right doors May our words and actions are reflective of Him. The Work place today is a mission field – God lead us, guide us, send your Holy Spirit so our words and actions will be reflective of Him.
Prayer for God’s favor, peace, provision, deliverance, protection, guidance, help, grace, mercy for myself, sisters, daughter, ex-coworkers especially in our work places with our bosses, coworkers and others we come in contact with. Give us the skill sets we need to succeed. Give us wisdom, knowledge, discernment, peace. May our words and actions be reflective of Christ? God show us His ways. Send the Holy Spirit to work in and thru us. Pray for the owners, managers, employees in our current and prior employment to have honesty, integrity, ethics, professionalism, accountability for their actions/errors-omissions/guidance they provide- take responsibility for their actions & guidance they provide & cease pointing fingers & putting people under bus. God help us set boundaries, maintain positive attitude & give us wisdom, knowledge, discernment, skills we need to be able to succeed. Pray for work life balance. Surround us with God’s guardian angels and Holy Spirit. We need His help minute by minute. Pray for favor over our work, our projects and all of the communications we have with people. We need Gods help
Prayer for and claim for myself, daughter and all Christians that are under employed, unemployed (loss of jobs) for God to open up/provide the job with the right company and the positions that he has already laid out for us in His perfect timing. Help us to stay strong, keep faith during challenging times. Claim for each of us Goid’s continued provisions, guidance, direction and thank Him in advance for the open doors.
Prayer for protection over each of us as during this COVID we reach out to develop new relationships and try to meet people in safe environments. Keep us safe, protect us and show us which doors to open. Prayer for protection over us, our family as we seek out new relationships – give us wisdom, discernment. Send God’s guardian angels and holy spirit to look after us and to guide us in the right directions. Prayer for us to be a light.
Prayer for those in homes that are abusive. God help them, protect them.
Prayer for those suffering from depression, anxiety, fear during this COvid. God heal them, give them peace. Show them how they can manage these situations during this challenging time Pray for Healing for each and every person.
Prayer for protection of the young children that are using social media more today due to current life but also due to lock down. Keep them safe and off from Tik Tok and sites that can put them at risk.
Guide them , protect them and get parents engaged so they know what their children are accessing on these computers, ipads etc.
Prayer for Gods healing for Betty, John, Paul, Susan, Barbara and many others. Pray for God’s miraculous healing over the skin cancer, infection for Paul. Pray for God to miraculously heal John and/or that the testing he has done end of this month to allow him to be eligible for heart transplant goes well and that a heart is made available quickly & that John is able to have the positive relationship with the heart donor’s family that he desires. Pray for continued healing for Betty from Surgery and Susan pray for continued healing and God on her life from cancer and Barbara for issues you are aware of as well as others
Prayer for myself, daughter, daughter’s boyfriend, neighbors, various friends that are without work and seeking job opportunities during this challenging time. Particular prayers for my daughter as she relocates the coming couple weeks for smooth transition, safe travels and opening of doors for new job & new apartment/home & car & new friends and support systems (Christian) & ability to connect with a good Christian Church – God guide her lead her, protect her, heal her-Make her path clear. She is going to need a car and a “reasonable/cheap apartment in safe area”. Please Pray for God to provide for these.
Pray for my daughter, myself and family, friends, church community in US to reach out and to volunteer and provide support now, during these challenges times and all times. Please lead us, guide us all as to where God would like us to volunteer or how we are to help.
Also please pray for all of Christian’s unemployed/under-employed at this time. For all we pray for provision, peace and for God to open the right job opportunities/the right doors in His perfect timing. Prayer for open doors & God’s leading, guidance, direction, protection. Prayer for God to continue to lead, guide direct reference employment. Pray for employees to be a team and look for ways to strategize improvements, cost savings. Help me be without fear and to trust solely in God knowing he will provide for my needs For God to give myself and others wisdom, knowledge on how to lead, guide, direct and positive impact changes, decisions. God give me ability to supervise/mentor staff and other people. Help me and other Christians in this work place to be His Light Surround myself and others with your guardian angels, Holy Spirit.
Lifting up my job search and for God to lead, guide, direct and make my path clear. Open the right doors. Praise Him for all of His Provision, for His Protection and all of His Help.
Prayer for Paul B and his family and the struggles they are currently going thru… Prayer for salvation for his family and they get committed to God, a church community. Pray for healing for relationships between his grand-daughter and parents. Pray for grand-daughters salvation & that as she begins this new journey that God protects her, guide her. Pray for Paul B and the manner in which he speaks to women – God knows the issues.
Pray for my daughter and her friends to be able to connect with good Christian friends and support systems and for God to direct them to right Christian Church.
Extra prayers for the Salvation of Eli as well as healing from excessive anger, anxiety and pray that he becomes accountable for starting an affair with a married woman (who has a 7 year old son). Pray God to surround him with God’s guardian angels and Holy Spirit. Put Christians into his life to lead, guide, and direct him. Pray you fill him with your holy spirit. Pray for God to use Eli’s skills, talent for His Glory. Open the right doors. Guide Him, Protect Him and give him only the peace that God can provide. Heal him from the inside out.
Be with Alexa and her family. Give Alexa Christian Friends and have the girls in her Sunday school class include her in gatherings, birthday parties. Pray for my ability to be able to get Alexa to church & support/encourage her. God direct her, lead her, and protect her. Pray for Alexa to be successful academically and have a strong desire to read and complete her school assignments accurately and timely and to not “just do the job” but go the extra mile.
Pray for our Christian churches, missionaries worldwide – God be with each and every one of them. Protect them, guide them, provide for them, and Lead them. Prayer for strong leaders & Godly people within His churches, missionaries and others.
Pray each of the Christians here in US and World Wide step out of their comfort zone and pray to God for Him to open doors for people lives we can touch – in words, in actions, in deed as He guides. Open doors for Christians to get engaged now in Government, schools, churches, communities. Each one can make a difference.
Holy Spirit to be with & fill each and every Christians in this nation & particularly those in prayer journal and in Christian ministries. Guide His People, Draw His people into reading His Word and Praying to the One True God. Prayer for the financial needs of Christian Churches/Ministries. Draw the right Christians out to be of service to Him in our Govt Offices, Schools, Classrooms, Businesses, Churches, Community. We need God’s people in these roles now. God please open the doors and bring in your people!!! Let our lives reflect Christ. May we have a heart and compassion for others? May we be on fire for God’s will in 2020! May we be drawn to His Word, to living an active prayer life and to being in step with His will. Help us to forgive as He forgives us. Help us have a Heart like His. Open our eyes to see what He wants us to see & do what HE wants us to do. Prayer for revival in this nation and or ally nations. Turn us back to God! Thank God for Prayer warriors!!!! To God Be the Glory!

Praise God for all of the answered prayer, for all of God’s blessings, help, support, healing, provision, guidance.


Santa Barbara California

I ask for a miracle!
My brother and sister in law have been dealing with their son Gerardo’s drug addiction for over 15 years we have prayed prayed fast novena after novena. I would pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with my son an Gerardo’s youngest brother Ricky he was 10 years old. We prayed and told them not to loose hope but now Ricky is 21 and he is also addicted to drugs. I am saddened beyond words. Please Lord help my brothers family heal their sons. Please Father hear us. I humbly pray.


Clarence, NY

For the healing of the marriage of my son and daughter-in-law. For God’s will in their lives.


Sioux Falls SD

Thank you for your prayers, please pray for safety and health of my sons. This Pandemic to end!! Thank you!