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Please pray for the special intentions of those below.


Panama City, FL

Please pray for my mom who is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. She had knee replacement surgery on Dec 20th and got an infection afterwards and now a blood clot. She is in Maryland. Thank you and God Bless


Lost Creek, Kentucky

Need prayer for work..I need a job. pray God shows me where to go and what to do….Pray He opens and shows me His will for a job in JESUS name…Pray I find a spouse and God gives me revelation into ministry and other things. Last pray for financial resources to come


Plant City, FL

Please pray for my depression and scrupulosity to lessen


Tijeras, New Mexico

We’ve been delayed 6 months in building our house by bureaucrats in the permit office. This build is the first step in our homestead plan to help shelter and feed people in need. I am disabled, but have some amazing help. We’re ready to go, just need Him to bless this project and work miracles. Our area has been hit hard by housing insecurity, unbelievable rent increases and a growing need in food pantries. We’d like to help, but are constantly stuck with inaction and closures at the county permit office.


Blair Nebraska

Please pray that I will get the right medication for my anxiety and depression in Jesus name.


Old Bridge NJ

Much needed prayers for my daughter who is struggling emotionally and physically as a single mom. She has a seven year old son and very strong willed child. And a 12 year old. She is drained. She is in a relationship with a very wonderful man. He has helped in so many ways but needs the power of Jesus to see her thru these times.



Special intention! TY


God Bless, Praying, Jesus Christ, Peace, Amen, Mother, Mary!


Dickinson, ND

Please pray for my precious 5 yr old granddaughter Maris who suffers from constant pain and has many health issues. Please pray that this innocent sweet child heals and has a happy healthy life serving the Lord. Please pray for her loving mommy and daddy who love her so much and have hard time watching her suffer. They are such loving amazing parents and need strength. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you.


Pittsburgh, PA

Sobriety for my nephew


Parma Hts, Ohio

For my grandson who is presently incarcerated. Needs rehab bad & to get off the streets.



Please pray for those suffering from anxiety, fear, and mental health issues. Thank you!



For a healthy pregnancy. For the placenta to keep getting pushed up, so that I don’t have to have a C-section. For a safe delivery for baby and me. And for a couple special intenions.


Yukon oklahoma

Prayers for healing and strength allowing the will of the Lord to lead us


Virginia Beach VA

Prayers for my teen age children and their mental health as well as physical and spiritual growth The worries of as solo parenting father be overwhelming but I know God will get us through! I asked for prayers for all my family please! Thank you.


Oxford Michigan

Please pray for our daughter Emma as she begins her educational journey and discernment at Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio.


That you will ask God for forgiveness of the people You have talk poorly about AND ask them to forgive you. I am praying for you Father


Prayers for healing mind, body & spirit ~ for daughter/wife/Mother, grandchildren, brother, sister-in-laws, friends & neighbors & relatives.

Prayers for conversion & peace, to be armed w/good to over come & end evil & protection from evil. Come Holy Spirit come!

End the abortion holocaust.

Prayers for healing ~ mind, body & spirit for the sick & dying ~
uniting suffering w/Jesus redemptive suffering, for the salvation of our souls.

Prayers for all holy souls in purgatory.

Conversion & peace ~ in our families, neighborhoods, city, state, country & governments & world.



My son Luke Gallagher, that his brain disorders will be miraculously healed
My daughter Morgan, Holy Conversion
Joe Kelly – Holy Conversion
Mike Gallagher – Holy Conversion
Leonard Limoge Holy Conversion
Joe Limoge Holy Conversion
Marlene Zecca Holy Conversion


Elmhurst , Il

For my son recovering fully from Covid

For my daughter to recover fully from the bad reaction she had to the Covid Vaccine.

For all of my family and friends to feel the presence of Jesus Christ our Savior in their daily lives and to follow the will of God the Father in their daily actions.


Vancouver Washington

Please pray for my daughter Emma and her boyfriend Cheche for their broken hearts and reconciliation. Thank you

Ann Morris

Orchard park NY

A job for my husband or the prosperity to manage our finances and keep our home.



Prayers for Nancy. God have mercy on her and restore her health. Prayers for her body and soul.

Ken McCafferty

Joliet, IL

Prayers are requested for my 22 y/o son who has started a new job in Huntsville, AL. He is alone and 600 miles from family and friends. Lord, please grace Sean with patience, courage, wisdom and perseverance as he starts his new career.


Wendell, NC

Please bring all of my children back to the Catholic Faith. I pray that somebody comes into their lives to bring them all back. I want their spouses, significant others and their children to also become Catholic.