Straight Ahead – Is Anybody Listening






This band has been together since October of 2003.  It all started after Duane and Brian began attending some local “Men of Integrity” meetings, where they led the music for the group.  Jim liked how they sounded, so he suggested that they get together and see if he would be able to play his bass with them.  Before long, Straight Ahead discovered that Paul used to play the drums in high school.  He jumped at the chance to put them to work again, even though it had been about 30 years since he last played them.  The Men of Integrity meetings eventually ceased to be, so they provided music for their parish Youth Mass.

The Youth Mass was later discontinued, so they decided to keep playing together just for the fun of it, and see if they felt the Lord leading them toward any sort of ministry with their Christian Rock music.  Straight Ahead played for Kairos Prison Ministry “holy hours”, parish picnics, as well as a Praisefest at St. Joseph Church – Bread of Life Community.  At the present time Straight Ahead plays at different churches and they just released their third CD entitled “Is Anybody Listening”.  This CD contains all original music.


Members of “Straight Ahead“:

Duane Golden – Guitar, Vocals

Preston Ross – Keyboard, Guitar

Brian Calvelage – Guitar, BG Vocals

Jim Dzuricky – Bass, Vocals

Paul Aldridge – Drums, Percussion

Bob Malyuk – Audio and Recording Engineer

Click on each song for a 30 second audio preview.


All About Love

Take You Up

Is Anybody Listening

The Man Your Calling

Lord Teach Me Today

Soul of a Sinner

The Other Side

Live My Life For You 

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