The Wonders of the Holy Name



Few Catholics today know about the amazing power of the Holy Name of Jesus. The book urges us to invoke the name of Jesus often. By reverent use of the Holy Name, we can glorify God, call on His aid, pay our spiritual debts, assist the Poor Souls, etc. Remarkable!




The Wonders of the Holy Name reveals a tremendous secret almost unknown today. In bringing out this secret, Fr. O’Sullivan gives us thereby a glimpse into the infinite holiness at the heart of our Catholic Faith


Father Paul O’Sullivan, O.P., was born on February 7, 1871. After studying in Dublin, he went on to Rome, where he was ordained a Dominican. He then pursued a Lectorate degree for theology, which in turn prepared him for his future career in writing simple, profound books and preaching to the faithful. He is the author of How to Be HappyAll About the AngelsThe Wonders of the MassRead Me or Rue ItAn Easy Way to Become a Saint, and The Secret of Confession.

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