General Information on having Fr. Larry Speak

Fr. Larry is available for speaking engagements on a limited basis. (Please remember that Fr. Larry is a pastor of a parish first!) He is available for Parish Missions, conference talks, youth rallies, and retreats. He is also available to come into a parish for a one-night talk. For more information call 814-455-7364.


Types of speaking engagements


Parish Missions

Fr. Larry has done many Parish Missions over the past 16 years. Father continues to receive many requests each year and is not able to fulfill all of the requests because of his commitment to his own parish where he is a pastor.  He values his time away from his own parish, and therefore tries to reach as many people as possible when he is away from his parish for 4 days.  For this reason, Father would like the parish to have at least 1000 families. The Mission starts with Fr. Larry speaking at all the parish weekend Masses through a 10 minute DVD. Again since he is a full time pastor he needs to be at his parish on weekends, the DVD works very well and it MUST be shown at the Masses if Fr. Larry is going to do the mission. He then gives talks each night from 7-9 PM (or 6:30-8:30 PM) beginning Sunday or Monday evening and running through Wednesday or Thursday evening. The themes for these nights are as follows: First night is God’s Love and Prayer; Second night, done in the context of a Mass, deals with Love of Others; Third night is the talk on the Passion of Christ and the need for confession and is followed by individual confessions; Last night is on Adoration and Healing and is done in the context of Eucharistic Adoration and a Healing Service. Please note: This is the only way Fr. Larry does Parish Missions, and will not change the format. If there is something that the pastor is not comfortable with, then Fr. Larry would rather not come to do the mission at all. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE PACKET AND SHARE IT WITH THE PASTOR FIRST, THE PASTOR MUST BE IN 100% AGREEMENT WITH THE WHOLE PACKET! Your pastor (NOT a delegate) then must write saying that he has read all the Parish Mission Material and that he agrees to do everything that is necessary for the mission. Only then will the mission be booked.


Men’s Conferences

Men’s conferences are one of the things that Fr. Larry enjoys doing the most. His book “Be a Man” has been a best seller on men’s spirituality. Father is very open to coming and speaking at men’s conferences. He can speak on any topic especially on the need for repentance and confession, prayer, love of families, Mass, etc. Fr. Larry is also very open to speaking to ecumenical men’s conferences, such as Promise Keepers, on the breaking down of denominational walls and speaking on that which unites all of us: “saved by grace.”?


Young Adult and High School Youth Conferences and Rallies

This is Fr. Larry’s passion – young people! Father Larry has given over 500 high school retreats and talks! He was the director of Campus Ministry at Cathedral Prep School in Erie, PA for eight years and was responsible for the spiritual development of almost 700 young men. Fr. Larry’s style of talking to young people is dynamic and always relevant to their lives, and, at the same time funny and wanting to bring them to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and knowing His love, forgiveness and mercy!


Priest, Deacon, or Seminarian Retreats

Fr. Larry has conducted many priest, deacon and seminarian retreats and tries to make this one of his top priorities. Fr. Larry can preach the traditional five day priest retreats, or special weekend or day of reflections for priests. He has taught workshops on preaching and parish evangelization. Father Larry loves the priesthood and loves administering to his fellow priests. Fr. Larry has also done a number of Permanent Deacon Retreat weekends to the deacons alone or with their wives. When it comes to seminarian retreats, Fr. Larry will accommodate whatever the Seminary requests.

Eucharistic and Marian Conferences

Fr. Larry has a deep love for Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence and also a great love for our Blessed Mother. He has spoken at many of these conferences especially on the importance of the Mass and confession.


Parish Talks

Fr. Larry can come to a parish and give a particular talk on almost any topic. He has been to many parishes and given his “What More Could He Do for You?” talk. This is a dramatic presentation of the Passion of Jesus. It is followed by a thorough examination of conscience and, for those who want, it will be followed with confession. He has also spoken on topics such as: “How to defend the faith;” “Why be Catholic?” “How to get more out of confession;” and the talk that he requested to give most often is his recording on the “Truth.”



All travel expenses are to be covered by the sponsoring place/organization. If Father Larry drives to your location, mileage is paid by your parish/group at a rate of 50 cents per mile, and any hotel expenses incurred are also your responsibility. If he flies, Father Larry would prefer that his travel agent take care of the flight arrangements and then bill your parish/group. You can be assured that Father Larry always secures the least expensive and most direct flights. Unless he is doing a Parish Mission, he needs to be back in Erie by late afternoon or evening on Saturday so he can be back available for Sunday Mass. The sponsoring parish or conference is responsible for picking up Father Larry at the airport and making sure he gets taken back to the airport. Please have a separate check made out to “The Reason For Our Hope Foundation” to cover traveling costs.


At the conference or parish:

Please cancel all other Parish activities such as Bingo, etc. while Father Larry is conducting a Mission. It is an ALL-Parish Mission, which means that the pastor and the entire staff attend every night of the Mission. Also, if you have a High School Youth Group, please get them involved! They can read, hand out materials, etc. The youth will bring their parents!


Sale of Media and Books:

Media and books to be sold at the event will be provided by The Reason For Our Hope Foundation. It is requested that no other vendors offer for sale media and books by Father Larry, i.e. Lighthouse Media, Ignatius Press, and book store retailers. Prior to your event, contact the office at 814-455-7364 to provide the name address, email and phone number of the person in charge of media and book sales. Media and books will be mailed in advance of the event to the person in charge. Arrangements should be made to have at least two persons available at the table during the event to handle sales.


Meals & Accommodations:

Fr. Larry will only stay at a hotel, except for Parish Missions where he will stay at the Parish.  ALL meals are to be provided. Fr. Larry is a Diabetic, and needs to watch his diet, so please have bottled water & diet soda and his meals need to be low-carbohydrate. (One note – he hates fish!☺)



Fr. Larry does not have a set fee for one day speaking engagements. If he is speaking at a conference, the usual stipend for a speaker is appropriate. Checks for his stipend should be made payable to “The Reason For Our Hope Foundation”.

With regards to a Parish Mission, after all expenses are paid, Father asks that a free-will collection be taken on the last night of a Parish Mission. A check for this free-will collection should be made payable to “The Reason For Our Hope Foundation”.


More Information:

If you would like to receive further information about having Fr. Larry speak at your parish, conference, or event, please contact Mary Therese Craig at 814-455-7364. Please note that only requests submitted to her will be considered by Fr. Larry.