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We are encouraged by your presence here. Please pray for those special intentions listed below and let your heart be soothed by the messages of hope. In lifting one another up, we are helping to strengthen the universal body of Christ. May Christ give you peace.




Mary Jo

Beverly Hills, Michigan

My husband lost his job in November and has been unable to find another job. We are struggling and losing hope but pray daily for an opportunity to come to him. Please pray for the Lord to send Ken employment. Thank you.


Vermilion, OH

I pray for all of those struggling with alcohol addiction especially my fellow veterans. Fr. Larry has helped me return to the Church and I am ever greatful to Jesus Christ for leading me back to the path and out of my own darkness. Always know His love and peace are with us, you are not alone, and if I can do it so can you! Stay motivated! Peace.

Magdalena Lovejoy


World peace. Prayer request to stop the conflict between Magdalena Lovejoy and Jhana Badawi and Yousra Shilouki. To stop religious wars and conflict and for God’s intention to be in the heart and mind of Magdalena Lovejoy. For destruction of the enemies of Dr. Larry Carnes and myself, for peace in the middle east, for the health of Dr. Larry Carnes, for no more voices of schizophrenia, multiple personalities, disorder and for healing split personality disorder in Magdalena Lovejoy and family. For the healing the entire Dr. Arthur Lovejoy’s family tree from all demonic thought implants from David Nielson, and from deliverance for Dr. Larry Carnes ministry and family tree.



For my daughter. Sweet Jesus, help her raise her 3 kids. Help her manage her anxiety,guilt and anger.


Hebron Connecticut

Please pray for my mother Lois who was hit in a hit and run accident and is in the ICU.


SaintLouisEnglewoodParish, Englewood, CO.

May The Lord God, Jesus Christ, HolySpirit protect ALL the Faithful Clergy in the World!


Edmonton, AB

For my brother david who really needs prayers. He follows who knows what not novus ordo, Latin only in the last ten years. Says divine mercy not right by the church, vat II erroneous. He really needs prayers.


Palmyra NJ

Pray for Patrick’s conversion. Pray that Kelly and Violet forgive and believe only truth


Cleveland OH

My daughter Elise and husband Tony are struggling in their marriage. Prayers for them to work through their differences ‘ embrace their faith deeper, have their marriage blessed in the Church and choose to Love daily.

Mary Ann Stark

Kapaa, Hawaii

I’m honored to donate to your foundation. I would really appreciate it if you could pray for my daughter, Mary Elizabeth who has a tumor in her abdomen and is having problems getting her medical insurance to approve the biopsy needed. Praying her her treatment to happen soon and that if it’s cancer, she be healed.THANK YOU!!!!

Sonia and Greg


Please pray for a desire for HOLINESS in ALL the members of my family. That our Pope, Church leaders, and priest seek to be holy and do doing God’s will. Pray for peace and that Covid goes away!

Thanks Sonia and Greg


Johns Creek, GA

For Father Larry and all good men and women who
Are of the cloth.


Omaha, NE

For Cindy who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery on Friday followed up by radiation and oral medication

For Denise whose breast cancer has returned.


Tinley Park IL

Please pray for healing for my daughter Franchesca. She struggles with severe anxiety and depression and is really suffering right now. She is 20 years old and has been going through this for years. I know that with the Lord anything is possible. Maybe we just need a few more voices to reach heaven. Thank you so much.


Erie, Pa

In thanksgiving for all of the blessings God has given me and my family.


Brisbane, Australia

Heavenly Father, please restore to full health to my digestive system and bowel function quickly. I ask in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Erie, PA

That our country unites together as one.


Las Cruces, New Mexico

For a conversion and healing for my family. For mercy for my beloved family members purifying their souls in purgatory. In thanksgiving for Gods gifts.



Dear Father

I would like to ask that you pray for my beloved brother Steven Tan. He is going through tough times since his surgery on Good Friday this year. Please ask that God will remove all his blood clots and other health issues. We pray that he will be fit enough to go for his cranioplasty this Dec.
May the Lord touch and heal him spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically .

Thank you.



Please pray for me that my eye surgery on Oct 8 will be safe and successful, and that my double vision will be gone. Also—please pray for safe travel to Mayo Clinic.
Thank you,


Corning, NY

Please pray for my son Luke that he have a miraculous healing from his mental disorders from the trauma he spent in prison. He is 23 years old and has so much potential. I humbly beg and pray for his mental disorders to be healed.



Prayers for my father who passed away this past August.


Mission Viejo, California

I am 81 years old and nobody wants to hire me even before the pandemic.
Please pray to St. Joseph and our Lord that someone hires me soon.
Am anxious and desperate.



South Dakota

Please pray for my brother, Gary, who is elderly and very sick. Please pray that he will turn to God for hope and redemption.

Thank you.


St Peters – Missouri

For Melissa & Zach return to church & their marriage; return to church/increased faith of all family members; President Trump/upcoming election; & thanksgiving for all blessings especially to be Catholic, have our church’s open for worship & to be able to receive the Eucharist (something I took for granted pre-covid).