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We are encouraged by your presence here. Please pray for those special intentions listed below and let your heart be soothed by the messages of hope. In lifting one another up, we are helping to strengthen the universal body of Christ. May Christ give you peace.




Paul Vandenberg

Valleyview AB

I pray that God will keep me on a path that leads me closer and closer to His Sacred Heart and that He will always show me mercy and continue to pour His graces out over me so that I may truly one day be free from sin, and I may continue to be a example to those that know me. I pray that He may also keep my family and friends safe from the devil and may lead them to Him as well. Amen.



Faithful to my religious calling



May God give everyone the strength to endure through this time until we can attend Mass again.

Bernadette Oatman

Erie, PA

Protection of virus for myself, husband & families. Children return to the Catholic Church, upcoming surgery of the knee for revision, less pain throughout my body, Daughters family, husband alcohol and disrespect her all the time and family needs prayers as well. Healing of the world for the virus and protection of grandchildren in all that they do in life. Thank you


LaGrange, Il

This country overturns Roe vs Wade and will Respect life from the moment of conception to natural death. I would like to see people return to the church and worship God instead of all these sports and Hollywood. Have God 1st in their lives.


Johnstown, Ohio

For an end to the coronavirus and protection on my family esp those with compromised immune systems.
For a local priest with the virus.
For my local pastor.
I ask this through Our Lady and the protection of our spiritual father St Joseph. Thank you
Also for mental health for a family member.


Erie, Pa.

Strength and trust for 2 daughters to get through the coronavirus, one in health care and one who runs two businesses. Hope they can take each day as God’s will.

Salie Henry


Please pray for me in my recovery from as mastectomy and botched reconstruction. Also for my family as my dad passed away 2 days ago from Covid19 and we weren’t allowed to see him for 8 days and couldn’t talk to him after 6 days. We can only have small graveside for him with 6 of us and have to put off the funeral. Thank you very much.


Erie, PA

Prayer that the woundedness in my children and grandchildren hearts be healed So that they can open their hearts and let Jesus love them. They are so broken. Please sweet Jesus wrap Your arms around them.


Riverton NJ

My friend Connie has great anxiety issues and I asked prayers that Jesus will calm her heart


Warren, PA

May those in the medical field and first responders be safe from infection during this crisis.


Erie, PA

May those sick with coronavirus be healed. May this time bring everyone closer to our dear Lord.