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We are encouraged by your presence here. Please pray for those special intentions listed below and let your heart be soothed by the messages of hope. In lifting one another up, we are helping to strengthen the universal body of Christ. May Christ give you peace.





For Richard Schumacher who recently went on hospice. For divine mercy on his soul for conversion and final penitence. Thank you so much!!🙏🕊️


Columbus Ohio

Please pray that I be delivered from my anxiety and depression.


Fernandina Beach

Prayers for your mother and Father Larry . You are an Exceptional Disciple of Jesus .. Thank you for all you do for God’s Holy Truth . Please Pray for a Spiritual Healing for our Family . God Bless You Always !!



Just said a Rosary for the Blessed Mother’s intercession for Father Larry’s complete healing, and will continue my prayers. Father Larry, keep saying what you always tell us to say-“Jesus, I trust in you!” He is with you always!


Cherry Hill – NJ

Andrea Cheli – healing


Raleigh NC

Thanksgiving for prayers answered



I pray for an employment opportunity and source of livelihood. And for empowerment and annointing to be a good intersessor.


Sellersville PA

I’m extremely sad about experiencing same-sex attraction, and wish God would take this thorn out of my life.


Brunswick, OH

For my brother Chuck who is sick and will be having surgery soon to remove possible cancerous cysts. Loving Father, I ask you to watch over Chuck and his family and heal him from all of his sickness. Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus and I ask for this healing in his name. Amen
God Bless you and thank you for your words of hope and encouragement.




Please pray for safety and guidance for my family and myself and please pray for me that God will take away my anxiety. Thank you


Long Island, New York

My mother’s book that she is writing; my cousins’ healings, my friends and family’s, and my healing of inner wounds. Racial injustice, for our country. For God’s will to be done in our lives. Fears to be cast out of me and my loved ones, and for all strangers.


Columbia SC

God’s will to be done in our lives. We seek God’s peace for the land. The salvation for those that are not saved and strength for those that are. For all to be prepared with the answer, the reason for hope. I pray for the manifestation of the purpose for The Community Herald a Christian newspaper publication. To spread the Gospel, win souls for the kingdom, to be a platform for Church to network, and to be a place of unity for the community. In Jesus’ name!!! Amen



My father Bill who has given up the Church after my mother passed away in 2007. Who now seems to be suffering from Strokes symptoms and denies it. Please God bring him back to the faith that he taught me so he can heal and his family can heal. Thank you Lord.


Long Island, New York

My mother’s book that she is writing; my cousins’ healings, my friends and family’s, and my healing of inner wounds. Racial injustice, for our country. For God’s will to be done in our lives. Fears to be cast out of me and my loved ones, and for all strangers.


Erie, PA

Praising God for healing of physical pain. Prayers for healing of those who believe they don’t need God. Prayers for small businesses who are struggling during the Virus & rioting. Thank you Lord I am able to live free of fear through your GRACE.


Lexington KY

Peace about my vocation and strength to persevere. My family’s conversion. Healing of all those with the coronavirus.


St. Louis, Missouri

I am 71 years old and have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I have received one “chemo” therapy and have been placed on the liver transplant list. I am having some doubts about my worthiness to receive a liver over someone who is younger and has a full life yet to be lived. Please help me discern the choice I need to make and of course, for our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit to guide the decisions and skill needed to fulfill His design.


Frisco Texas

For my son Michael who today turns 27 years of age. He is mentally disabled and suffers greatly from anxiety, mania, and depression. He is not able to work and unwilling to seek help from social services. As parents we care for him now, but want to be able to secure a future as we know we won’t be on this earth forever.
We pray for Gods healing and the wisdom to make good choices for his future.


Olmsted Twp., Ohio

Please pray for me as I am searching for employment after I was laid off.
Thank you and God Bless.


Orwigsburg Pa

That my children ( Meg and Jonathan) return to the Catholic Faith and become faithful Catholics . And that my grandchildren are baptized into Catholic faith and become faithful Catholics.
My husband and I gain eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ.


Deltan – New Jersey

Lord through Your will we find our way. In Jesus we pray. Amen


Santa Rosa California

Marty McCormick 28yrs.old- he needs a liver transplant – a miracle to heal from blood not clotting is in ICU on a breathing machine . There are people praying a rosary everyday . We are asking for the inter session of Matt Talbot to Jesus to heal his liver as he is blessed venerable for sainthood 🙏🏻❤️Thank you


Mount Angel Oregon

We pray to find the right support and direction for our son; we pray to overcome the difficulties and obstacles we are facing today,



Please pray for me to have good health, To figure out the Lords plan for my life, deal with addictions and also for friendships i have to become stronger and healing of memories. Peay and thank you Jesus


Erie PA

That my husband come to believe in God- he cannot get past bad things happening to good people if “ God controls everything”- he does not understand free will if God is in control.