Have you read Fr. Larry’s books, listened to  Fr. Larry’s CDs, or watched his DVDs?  If your life has been changed and you would like to comment and share your testimony, please send an email to:  FrLarrysOffice@thereasonforourhope.org or use the form below to send your testimony.

To Live God’s Word
(Comment from Cathy in Pennsylvania)
Fr. Larry Richards has enriched my faith through the power of the Holy Spirit in making Jesus so very real to me. I strive daily to have a relationship with Jesus. I am very thankful that God has blessed us with Father and I pray that Father continues to have health strength and sharing of his faith with us. To live God’s word everyday is what I strive to do.

You Are Awesome!
(Comment from Carl, age 13)
Hi Father Larry! Your book has helped change me and I am only 13. You are awesome!

Thank you for being the Torch
(Comment from Steve in New York)
I just wanted to thank you for being the torch that the Lord use to reignite my “smoldering embers” (at this past week’s parish mission). One of your spiritual “bullets” found its mark. If it weren’t for your impassioned encouragement to write letters to my children and affirm my love for them, I don’t know how many more years it would have been before God would have knocked some sense in to me. And the boomerang effect has already started with my kids. And thank you for the hard truth. You’re a good man and a good shepherd. You are in my prayers.

Hit me in the heart and soul
(Comment from Rich in New Jersey)
Was at Seton Hall Saturday. You were more then I bargained for seeing you in person… went to Confession for the first time in 55 years… the Holy Spirit waited till I heard you yell Be a Man… then He hit me in the heart and soul… Praise God.. what a most beautiful day… God bless.

Looking forward to Confession
(Comment from Arletha in Pennsylvania)
I did not think that I would ever say this about confession but I am actually looking forward to confession for a change. Fr. Larry’s Confession CD was a booster shot for my soul. I will be listening to it , regularly.

Not Boring
(Comment from Joyce in Connecticut)
Fr. Richards uses such down to earth, remember-able explanations. Even the kids (7 and 10) commented on how they liked what he was saying. It’s a completely NOT boring disk (Confession)– worth owning and sharing. This one prompted some great lively discussions in our house– husband, kids, friends…

Set a fire in my faith life
(Comment from Terry in West Virginia)
It’s one thing to believe that God is present in the bread and wine because this is what are supposed to believe. Father Larry presents the “evidence” of this truth from a biblical account that is a must listen for every Catholic. This would be a great listen (The Mass Explained) for non-Catholics who question our belief of his presence. I could not wait to go mass after listening to this. It has changed my life and deepened my faith tremendously. Has set a fire in me to learn much more about my faith.

Sincere and humorous
(Comment from Rob in Ohio)
Father Larry is very sincere and at the same time held my interest with his humor and examples.

Makes Confession less scary
(Comment from Michele in Ohio)
I loved the honesty Fr. shows. I love the way he makes Confession less scary. I hope my husband will listen and not be afraid anymore.

Taught me to see
(Comment from Clyne in Dubai)
It taught me to see the areas where we so easily and frequently break the 10 commandments. Especially when we are so used to saying “OH MY GOD” for everything. We are actually taking his name in vain.

(Comment from Jan in Virginia)
Father Larry Richards is so very passionate. I love listening to his CD’s. I just finished listening to his CD about Mass and Confession. These 2 CD’s help me so much. I look forward to listening to more of his CD’s.

It will change your life…Believe it!
(Comment from Loretta in Canada)
It will change your life…no not “it”…the Holy Spirit through Fr. Larry. I always considered myself a good Catholic, practised my faith, went to church every Sunday…thought I was doing okay. Then out of no where I get this overwhelming invitation to attend Fr. Larry’s four night mission in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I was virtually pulled by the Holy Spirit to attend. I didn’t know why at the time because our Lord works in His ways, not ours. I cleared my schedule, which isn’t easy for a working mom with three kids, but I did it because I had to. I attended the first night and was left after two hours sitting in the pew of the church sobbing. When Fr. Larry promises that you won’t be bored and your life will be changed…BELIEVE IT!!

I attended the rest of the mission and by the last evening I was so sad to have it end. I truly was changed. It was unbelievable that in four short days my faith could be totally renewed. I went home and ordered all the dvds from the mission and some additional ones. I ordered books and the perpetual calendar.

Now, this is where our Lord comes into it. Before the mission, I believed my life was great and moving along well. One week after the mission, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer…I can truly say that without attending this mission, my outlook would have been bleak, sad and fatal. Because of the renewal of my faith and my renewed relationship with our Lord…I have undergone surgery and am undergoing chemo, but I feel blessed to have been chosen to share in a small part of our Lord’s Passion. I am positive and in the Presence of our Lord at all times. He has touched me, and physically held me during this journey.

No matter where you are in your life…if you have the chance to attend a mission by Fr. Larry, you will be in the presence of our Lord and the Holy Spirit and your life and your faith will be changed forever….Believe It.

A Grateful Wife
(Comment from Jessica in Tampa Bay, Florida)
My Husband attended the Catholic Men’s conference this past weekend at Higgins Hall in Tampa Fl. I just wanted to let you know that he came home a changed man. We have been married for 16 years and I have never seen him so alive and on FIRE for Christ! The Holy Spirit was definitely speaking through you and it touched him deep in his soul! Glory to GOD ! I have been praying for this for a long time and my prayers have been answered ! Thank you for all the great work that you do. May God continue to bless you and guide you 🙂

It Is What God Wants You To Hear
(Comment from Dave in Homer Glen, Illinois)
Fr. Larry’s way of speaking cuts to the very heart of everybody who listens to him. When Fr. Larry speaks, others listen. He is without a doubt my favorite Catholic speaker. If you listen to what he has to say, your life will be changed forever, because it is what God wants you to hear!! God bless Fr. Larry Richards.

Your Books Have Saved Our Marriage!
(Comment from Carla from Alabama)
Words will never express how you and your books have saved our marriage!!! My husband and I have been married for 30 years and we just went through the biggest test of our marriage, and we have clung to your books, “Be a Man” and “Surrender”.  We have read them, discussed them, and reread them. I always refer to them when I am struggling for encouragement.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing them.  I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person!!

Truth is Such a Balm For the Soul
(Comment from Carol of Auburn, Michigan)
I practice my faith with the help of the grace of God and when I receive my Lord and my God at mass I can “see” and “feel” Him.  But when I listen to Father’s sermons I “Hear” the truth of Christ words said to me.  Thank Father for me for being Christ Voice! Truth is such a balm for the soul!!

Your Program “The Reason For Our Hope” helps me to go forward
(Comment from Saadia in France)
God in Christ blesses you each day of your life.  Your program, “The Reason For Hope” on EWTN Radio helps me to go forward in Christ steps. God gives me the opportunity to listen to you from France.   I became a child of God 20 years ago. I am 47 years old and I come from a Muslim family.

 Life Changing Experience
(Comments from Bill in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
A friend gave me a ticket to the men’s conference in Erie, Pa.   I thank him every time I see him.  What a life changing experience.  I visit your website almost daily.  When my family asked me what I wanted for Christmas I gave them a list of your CD’s and books.

I am so blessed
(comments from Linda of Greensburg, Pennsylvania)
I am so blessed to have found you and your presentations.  I have the Surrender series along with some of your stand alone lectures.  I have learned so much from you and will continue to buy anything you put out.  I am especially thankful for the Prayer lecture and Knowing Gods Will. You have helped me on my was to becoming holy.  I have a very long way to go, but thanks to you, I can feel it inside.  Keep up the good work.  I hope some day that your Speaking Schedule brings you to Greensburg PA.  I’m going to suggest to Deacon Bill that your Parish Mission would be a good thing for us. We’ll see!

Talks have shaken my foundation
(comments from Dan of California)
I find myself writing you after 11pm on Sunday as my sister Teresa and some family members recently attended your Parish Mission at St Irenaus in Cypress, CA . I am a 57 year old Grocery Store Manager for the last 41 years and was unable to attend due to work; however, she handed me 5 of your CDs to listen to and I have been captivated by their content ever since. I consider myself a practicing Catholic and have indeed been shaken at my foundation as I listen to your every word usually on my daily commute.(much better listening than news radio!). I attended Catholic School through 9th grade, then went on to public school / college as my parents had 9 children and finances didn’t permit to continue private school; however, to this day, I am grateful for their sacrifice to send me 9 years. I received all the sacraments, was an altar boy trainer and even had aspirations to become a priest in the 7th grade.You brought a smile to my face when you said you used to play Mass as a child as some friends and I did the same thing! To this day I feel very blessed and special just to have served on the Altar of God and I still find peace and comfort in those powerful memories so many years ago. I can only imagine your joy as a priest celebrating the Eucharist but make no mistake I am still captivated by the miracle of changing bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. I have been married to my one and only wife Mary since 1979 and we have 2 children Joseph and Lisa who we sent to Catholic Schools and have both given us a grand child. There are so many great things to say about your CDs but I must admit, as you promised, some things did also shock me a bit as well. It’s so true that 90% of Catholics really don”t get it about the power of the Mass. Your story about the young man who decided to leave the Ch! urch when he turned 18 because he never felt loved there has been a concern of mine on many occasions over the years as one of my younger sisters felt the same way. I take personal responsibility for the sometimes impersonal atmosphere at Mass and more recently our priests have asked us to greet those around us before starting the service. There is so much more I would like to say but it’s getting late and I need to get up early for work which I thank God for being employed every day. I will certainly be listening to your CDs several times to continue to take in and better understand your very powerful message. You are a very gifted speaker and I feel very connected to you and your message. Thank you for your great work my friend in Christ! Best regards, Dan

A Simple Thank you…
(comments by Stephen from Missouri)
…for helping me to be better then I was before I started listening to You.  I use the word better as in being better as a follower of The Lord.  I feel blessed being able to listen to you speak about Our Lord and what I should be doing.  And everyday I start with the words I heard you say :   “I am with you, I love you, trust Me.”

Thank you!
(comments by Carol from OH)
Since hearing Fr. Larry speak at the St. Rita (Solon, Ohio) lenten mission, I have started reading the bible. I find great comfort in the word of God.  I probably would never have done so, even though I own several bibles. It took Fr. Larry to get me to do it.  Thank you for that, among many other things, including being able to listen to your homilies on the internet. They too, bring great comfort and inspiration. God bless you and keep you safe.

Be A Man!
(comments by Paul from WI)
Fr. Larry, Thank you so much for your outstanding book “Be a Man”. Finally a book that talks to men with straightforward facts and without pulling punches!Men need direct no-nonsense talk that challenges them to become greater than themselves through courageously giving up their lives to Christ and their families. You’ve given me many new insights and challenged me to give more of myself to my family. You’ve called on us to drop the excuses and reclaim our faith. Thank you very much and God bless your ministry! We’ve got to get men excited about their faith and willing to stand up for Catholic values in our secular world.
Thanks again, Paul

The Truth
(comments by Debbie from Erie, PA)
I received the two CDs I ordered yesterday. I listened to The Truth a total of three times. Fr. Larry, I appreciate you and your words, more than I can express! God bless you. I also have Knowing God’s Will. I am looking forward to listening to that. Thank you for spreading Gods word the way you do.

Thank you!
(comments by Fr. Innocent Uwakwe Lagos, Nigeria)
Thanks most immensely for the help I have received through your talks. I have hope but sometimes, it is really hard to hope. I work as a chaplain in a Secondary school for boys in Lagos, Nigeria. Often, I am overwhelmed by the filth of sin and the gloomy prospect of the future. It is hard to live with boys that show absolute indifference to the things of God. I am praying hard for them. Listening to one of your of your tapes, I rediscovered that I have to begin again to present to them the attractive face of Christ. Sometimes, this programm is difficult when one hears only the voice of woes in the society: so much corruption and widespread poverty. I remember you constantly in the Mass and in my daily Rosary.
May God bless and keep you.

(comments by Cindy fron Greensburg, PA)
Recently I heard you speak at St. Paul’s in Greensburg. Since that time I have visited your website periodically to read your daily message. I enjoyed your talk. It was inspirational, especially when you said that we were holy when our will and God’s will coincided. I do pray the Lord’s prayer every day; however, I do not believe I ever trully surrendered myself to His will. Now when I say the Lord’s prayer, I surrender myself, or at least I try, to what the Lord wants for that day. I try to be open to whatever He throws my way. It is surprising the number of little ways you can serve the Lord when you are open to His plan. Thanks for helping to open my mind and my heart to God’s voice. Thanks for reminding me that my hope and inner peace lies in the Lord no matter what comes my way.

Thanks be to God
(comments by Barbara from White Bear Lake, MN)
Father Larry, since I began listening to your tapes and radio program, I’ve learned about true connection to Jesus. I have actually felt the love of Christ for the first time in my life. Truly! I’d stake my life on it! You’ve helped me bring in a new dimension into my life that I’ve looked for always. I listen to your tapes in my car, over and over. I came back into my Catholic faith about 12 years ago and I’ve devoured everything and anything I can get my hands on. I make every effort to hear your nightly programs. Keep up the excellent work and keep praying for me too!

Thanks for all you and your organization do!
(comments by Rich and Linda Ciarrone from Parma, OH)
Just wanted to share with you how great it was to use your CD “The Mass Explained” at one of our RCIA classes. Using the CD sparked quite an interest, and there were at least 12 candidates who were interested in a copy. Thanks for all you and your organization do for the Catholic faithful who are trying to understand the faith themselves or are trying to help others along their way. Our family has heard you on a number of occasions over the years and we never tire of hearing you speak! We love you lots and are in our daily prayers! Peace!

Thank you for all you are doing
(comments by Pat Mulvany from Decatur, IL)
Just opened your latest email to see that the Spirit is bringing to your attention Jer 29:11 also. Recently the Holy Spirit has been drawing me back to this powerful verse and the hope that it brings. I have been led to tell everyone I can for several months, “God has a plan. Irregardless of what is going on, He has a wonderful plan for us if we will just trust Him.” It is so encouraging when you hear that what the Holy Spirit is saying to you, He is also saying to others. You can count on my prayer support.

Fourteen boys get a “soul shower”
(comments by Frank Cash from Franklin, TN )
Fr. Larry’s Confession talk is a great way to breakdown the Ten Commandments and explain the importance of making a full confession. Seven adult leaders and myself run an annual weekend retreat for teen men from our parish. The penance service is a big part of the weekend. During this last retreat I gave the Confession talk prior to the service and used the Fr. Larry method. The two confessors where blown away by the level and depth of the confessions. One comment was “I’ve been hearing confessions for twenty-five years and have never experienced anything like this from teenagers. They wanted to know what I said to them and could they repeat it. One contacted the Bishop and wants to take this talk to other teens in other parishes in the Diocese. WOW!! Thanks for all you do and God Bless.

Talks are inspiring and life changing to me
(comments by Mike Symons from Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
All of Fr. Larry’s talks have been inspiring and life changing to me. I was talking to a protestant friend of mine and he was talking about that he thought he was going through a period of spiritual attack. I told him about Fr. Larry’s dream about all his friends and family being possessed and how our Lord revealed to him that The Devil can’t do this to us because in Christ Jesus we are God’s Sons and Daughters. I told him how knowing this we can boldly tell the devil in times of temptation and attack that that he can’t do this to us because in Christ we are God’s Sons and Daughters and the Devil will depart from us. He was so excited, so relieved and He thanked me for sharing. He says since been sharing with others that in Christ Jesus we are REAL Sons and Daughters of God and there is power against evil in that fact. Thank you for reminding us that CHRIST is the reason for our HOPE! God Bless You!

Confession made me laugh and cry
(comments by A.S. in Maine)
Your Confession talk has encouraged me to make it to the confessional every month, rain, snow or shine. Two of my children have made this a habit, too. Now one of them is discerning a vocation to the priesthood. God’s mercy is almost too good to be true… but it’s real!

I re-discovered HIS love for me!
(comments by Luca from Italy)
What an encouragment… from a priest :-)Keep up the good work…we need more people(and also priests) talking simply the staight truth. I had to share the talk & links with ecumenical friends in UK. God Bless you!

Praise Be Jesus for Fr. Larry!
(comments by Lyn and Tony DePaola from Carlsbad, CA)
I was on the website and getting refilled from knowing it is there and doing such good work. We will keep you always in our prayers as a holy priest of the Order of Melchizedek and a powerful tape ministry which is changing lives. God bless you and keep you in His care always.

May God bless you in your mission!
(comments by Nancy Kelling from Kiel, WI)
God has shown me that even though I have been dealing with Cancer since 2001 I can still help spread HIS words. I have put my Faith in HIS hands and whatever is HIS Will I have come to except! Please pray for all my family and friends who seem to be taking this much harder then me. I feel GOD has blessed, me for according to my Dr. I was to be dead back in 2002, I’m still here, (2007)! Maybe moving slower however, all that matters is GOD has given me more time with my two Grandsons’, my husband and my daughter and son! From the bottom of my heart, I thank HIM for these special days!

Thank you for speaking the plain truth!
(comments by Jan Ü from Prescott, MI.)
Fr. Larry’s words about Confession have helped me to think through my examination of conscience more clearly and thoroughly. Some of what I heard made me squirm, but the knowledge that we are all sinners, all imperfect and yet loved by God and forgiven. Confession and absolution are now my most desired and needed comforts. Thank you for speaking the plain truth even though it is hard for us to hear.
God bless you and this ministry.

Talks are “Heaven Sent”
(comments by Dorothy in Minnesota)
I Listen to your talks on Relevant Radio every evening and I think they are terrific! Thank you kindly.

Impacted by the Message
(comments by Charlie from Fogelsville, PA)
I had the opportunity to experience your teachings recently when you visited our parish at St. Joseph’s the Worker in Orefield, PA. I wish to thank you and tell you that I have been positively impacted by your message. I will resort to your web site often.

Your gift is so amazing!
(comments by Margie)
I wish with all my heart that I could hear you speak everyday. Thank God for you and for the messages he gives all of us through you. After you spoke at St. Michaels Parish in Exeter, NH so many people I know that go to church regularly brought their spouses (Men and Women). Much love for you and your work. God Bless.

Mass Explained
(comments by Pat from Mobile,AL)
I have listened to Fr. Larry’s talk on getting more out of the Mass several times. Each time I enjoy it as much as the first time I listened. I found myself very anxious to go to Mass and even to get to church earlier than usual for a little quiet time before Mass began. I attribute this to looking at the Mass in an entirely different way, thanks to Fr. Larry’s talk.

Thanks Father Larry
(comments by Bill from New Braunfels,TX)
I wanted to let you know that everyone in our family loves this recent CD, Knowing God’s Will. As a father of 5 homeschooled children I am often accused by our students of playing CD’s in the car that a “boring.” I playied this CD while transporting my teenagers to an activity, After about 10 minutes I asked if they wanted to listen to something else. They all replied “No Dad, this is cool. We like what this priest is saying!” I bought a few more CD’s and will be passing it out to friends. God bless all the people who make this ministry happen.

Better each time you listen
(comments by Paul from Elmhurst, IL)
I heard you on Relevant Radio in Chicago. Your words hit home with me. I ordered your “Truth” talk and I literally fell to my knees and asked God to forgive my lack of love and my judging attitude. I cried numerous times and felt an instant uplifting of my Spirit. I read your daily inspirations and it helps me to fight my weaknesses. May God Bless You and Your Ministry.

Truth talk made changes in my life
(comments by Craig from Highspire, PA)
I just wanted to say thank you for Father Larry himself. I have been Catholic for almost two years. While in RCIA we received a number of CDs by Father Larry and they were wonderful. Father Larry is one of the reasons I now wish to give my life totally to our Lord and become a Priest. Once again thank you. God Bless All of You.

Difference in our lives!
(comments by Jeff from Omaha, NE)
You are one of our favorites! Your knowledge of sacred scripture and the faith is apparent every time you speak, and your passion is abundantly apparent through your voice and inflection. You truly have a gift from God and I want you to know you are bringing my wife and I closer together and closer to Christ in what you’re doing!
Please keep up the great work.

Thank you
(comments by Roland)
Thank you all for what you do in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless You all, always.

Talks are inspiring!
(comments by Clare)
Please thank Fr. Larry for his inspiring talks, which I listen to frequently on Relevant Radio. His “The Mass Explained” is awesome!

May God Bless Your Apostolate!
(comments by Gary from Edmonton, AB)
After being an RCIA graduate of 11 years and falling away from the confessional for 9, and after attending a Parish Mission Mass during Lent, my wife and I had a chance to purchase one of your CDs. On Palm Sunday I was a proud repentant Catholic to confess before Jesus. Thank you and may God bless you in your priestly service to others. Ohora Pro No Biss.

First Confession in 25 years
(comments by Vivian from Texas)
I will include you in my prayers. May God give you the strength, good health and peace in your mission to reach people. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS..I had the chance to meet you and you encouraged me to go to confession which I haven’t done in the last 25 years. May you continue to pray for me so I could be more closer to Jesus and follow His commandments. You have open my eyes and touch my heart. Thank you so much for your prayers and preaching..

God bless this ministry
(comments by David from Diamondhead, Mississippi)
Thank you for your submission to the Holy Spirit, for responding to the zeal the Lord has given you for souls for Him. I thank God for the work He is doing through the ministry He has given you.

Family enjoys talks
(comments by Bill from Grove City, Ohio)
Let me start by saying thank you for everything you do and your ministry. We have 6 children. The four oldest absolutely love listening to your talks. We are all very excited to have you visiting Grove City and have spread the word to many of our friends.

Keep up the great work!
(comments by Lance in North Carolina)
I wanted to say thanks to you for your talks and materials. I pass the CD’s along all the time and use your material when talking to friends and acquaintances. God Bless you.

Parish Mission not boring!
(comments by Patrick from Batavia, Illinois)
My wife and I were blessed with the great privilege to listen to your recent mission at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Batavia, Illinois. Thank you for not boring us and for changing our lives as promised. It is very apparent that you are living your purpose in life. How many of us actually wind up living our true purpose? I wasn’t listening to Fr. Larry Richard’s as much as I was listening to Jesus Christ through Fr. Larry. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. My family and I will continue to keep you in our prayers. You are a Shepard in need of the “Flock’s”, protective prayers. Temptation doesn’t discriminate. All that glitters isn’t gold. Stay the course and remain steadfast through your journey. God Bless You!

Difference in my life forever!
(comments by George from Wisconsin)
I want to personally THANK YOU for all you said and did at the recent Men of
Christ Conference in West Bend, WI. Christ working through You has made a difference in my life forever! Thank You Fr. Larry for answering Gods call to the Priesthood. May He continue to bless You and Yours! Shaloem!

Ministry gives me hope
(comments by Colleen from Topeka, Kansas)
Please extend my gratefulness to Father Larry. Maybe he needs to hear this and maybe he doesn’t, but for myself and at least 10 others (that I know of) have really been moved and changed through his tapes and teachings. How glorious is his response to our Blessed Mother’s calling. Sometimes, my older dad (75) gets so gloom and doom about the state of the Catholic church and fellow Catholics, a grave state, I agree. But Father Larry (and others like him) give me hope. We do have heroes in the making, right now, today in our society. Quietly sweeping across this nation, making a difference. So please tell him, THANK YOU! He is in my daily prayers and rosary, May God Bless him and our Mother Mary hold him ever near her heart! Thank you.

Awareness, forgiven, transformed, revitalized, excited
(comments by a visitor from Nashville, TN)
I requested every tape on the list, and have listened to all but 2 so far. Every one of them kept me spellbound and gave me so much to think about. What an incredible experience. The tape on confession was my first, and immediately after listening I drove to my parish priest (whom I have never confessed to because of my pride). I knocked on his door and asked him to hear my first really thorough confession since my first communion. I sobbed all through it, he hugged me after it, and then I spent at least a half hour on my knees in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament crying tears of both repentance and joy. I finally have freed myself of all the guilt I’ve carried for so long. Thank you!! As fast as I listen to a tape, I pass it along to someone. I can’t wait for people to hear the messages. A non catholic co-worker who is presently in RCIA heard one and sent for the others too. She is sending them to her relatives and is so excited about the faith. I wanted to tell Bud I just loved his three novels, and have already given them away. As busy as I am I read all three in less than 2 months. They changed the way I think, act, and feel about daily things. And I pray daily for the courage to face whatever God has in store for us. Being aware of the information you have shared has made a major difference in my life, especially my Mass attendance. Thank you for your ministry. You are all in my prayers. I feel like family!

Thanks for sharing your gifts!
(comments by Mike from Memphis, TN)
It IS God that I attribute ALL the Glory..while sincere thanks to Fr. Larry for sharing the special “gift” that he is.. to ALL. There is no doubt in my mind..when Pope John Paul spoke of a new “Spring Time” for the Catholic Church, Fr. Larry was apart of HIS master plan. What a messenger we have in Erie, Pa!

Confession CD made a difference
(comments by Jeanette from Brandon, Florida)
I would like to tell you that we got 800 of your Confession CDs to had out near the end of Lent. I think we have about 1600 families, and we asked people to take one per family. We moved 700 of them!! Our pastor and the other priests helping told me that the CDs made a HUGE impact during the extra Confession times that were scheduled – many people came in saying they were there especially because of the CD! A friend told me about a lapsed Catholic who listened to the CD, went back to Confession, and is completely changed! Thank you. I hope to hand out your CD, The Mass Explained, in the next year.

Great teaching tool!!!
(comments by a visitor from Saint Paul, MN)
I gave the Mass Explained tape to my 27 year old brother-in-law who is entering the Church at Easter (I am his sponsor). He learned more from it than from weeks of RCIA meetings. It was concrete stuff that he needs to know to be a good Catholic. I highly recommend it to adult ed classes.

Talks make a difference for single mom!
(comments by Linda from Whitby, Ontario, Canada)
I am a single Mom with 3 children and I just wanted to know how much Father Larry Richard’s ministry has made a big impact in my life. Thanks for great programming and inspirational messages of hope.I listen to relevant radio every day.
Thanks and God bless.

Thank you again for your wonderful works!
(comments by Caitlin from Ohio)
I attended the Jesus Jam you spoke at on Sunday. I wanted to let you know how wonderful your message was. Mass was incredible, it was a true expression of Christ’s love for his children. Your talk was also wonderful, I have your Confession and Truth CDs that a priest friend, Fr. Bill Hahn gave to me, but it was truly inspirational to hear you speak in person.

Loved the Parish Mission
(comments by Jackie from TX )
Fr. Larry was the speaker at our annual Parish Mission in February at St. Luke’s in Temple, TX. He kept his promise and changed the lives of both me and my husband. My husband is not Catholic, yet attended each night of the mission.

Thank you for all your wonderful topics!
(comments by Karen from WI)
I recently caught the last 15 min. on part 2 of your talk on Salvation while listening to Relevant Radio. I was truely touched by your message even though it was just the last 15 min. Thank you for all the wonderful topics you have shared on Relevent Radio. You have truely deepened my faith. God Bless You and all your staff at Reason For Our Hope!

Mass Explained
(comments by Bob from Saginaw, MI)
This past Sunday our priest added an insert into our Church bulletin notifying all that he would be offering a viewing of
“The Mass Explained” in our Parish Hall to all those who wished to attend. He had written a small explanation of what people might expect to obtain from it, as well as making it one of the annoucncments following Mass on that same Sunday. We have around 150 registered families in our Parish, but Mass attendance has really never been that great. Last night was the showing and we feel that the turn out was spectacular. I can’t begin to tell you just how much impact it had on everyone. The feedback from all, both young and old was incredible. We will all be praying for the success of your Apostolate, as well as Fr. Larry. God Bless.

Thanks Fr. Larry!
(comments by Joe from WI)
A friend let me view the dvd’s from this conference. I am so grateful to Father Larry Richards for his message

You have a true gift.
(comments by Robert from WI)
I just wanted to shoot you a quick message telling you how much I enjoy your show on Relevant Radio. I listen to you often times on my drive home from work. While I am eager each night to get home and see my wife and kids, I sometimes find it difficult to get out of my car because I am so engrossed in whatever it is you are talking about. I can truly say that I love your show! You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

Talks are powerful!
(comments by a Margarita from Georgia)
My Bible Study group which meets on Thursdays. We loved his talks and ministry so much!!! It is so powerful!!! We just thank and love Father Larry so much!! And we’re praying for him! Please forward all this to him! Thanks so much, and God bless all of ya’ll!!!

Thanks for a wonderful Mission!
(comments by Fr. Larry Niese from Georgia)
Dear Fr. Larry, Once again I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful mission you gave at our parish this week. I know we will be experiencing the grace of the mission for some time to come. May God bless you!

Knowing God’s Will
(comments by Kim from Georgia)
I want you to know how much I enjoyed your mission at St. Michael’s parish in Woodstock, Georgia. I was so impressed with your way that you could relate to me and so many others. I am proud of you and I know the Lord is also. I hope the Lord will say to me ‘well done though good and faithful servant’, when I go home to heaven.This also would be my greatest gift. There is a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament for me and I spend alot of time in His presence. I was listening to your CD on Knowing the Will of God in your life. I have been in a VERY arid place spiritually very dry but I am trusting He is leading me in His perfect will. I wish you future blessings and success in your missions and in spreading God’s grace and healing to all His people. May the Lord bless you through His son Jesus and His loving mother Mary.

Online Homilies
(comments by Shari from Wisconsin)
I just really need to thank you for the weekly homilies you have each week. They are great as I find them to be very comforting and motivating at the same time. I like to listen to them as well as the written form, as I print the really “good ones” so I can read them again later. Fr. Larry, you are doing a wonderful job, you’re very talented. Have a great day

Steubenville East Conference
(comments by Joe from Massachusetts)
Just wanted to send a ‘Thanks’ to Fr. Larry for his presence at the Steubenville East Conference this past weekend. All the kids that we took there absolutely loved his talks, his direct (blunt) teaching of the church, and his witnessing of the great love of Jesus Christ for us all. We were truly blessed for you being there. Thanks Fr. Hope to see you in these parts once again very soon. God Bless.

Your Message was Uplifting!
(comments by Don from OH)
I did not have the chance to talk to you while attending the “All Access” at Steubenville this past weekend. I wanted to let you know how very uplifting
it was. As an adult who admittedly had “doubts” about going or not, I am so happy I chose to go. I did indeed feel as though Jesus touched me through the Holy Spirit. What more do I need to say? How blessed am I to have been there, to witness God touch so many, and feel such abounding love and complete joy. I can not thank you enough. Thank you is all I can say.
And God bless you and all you do….

Inspiring! Enlightening! Awesome!
(comments by Jim from Ohio)
Fr Larry, I just wanted to send a quick letter thanking you for all the great work you do. I made a Northcoast TEC retreat in the Cleveland area about 10 years ago that you were the retreat master for, and it made a big difference in my life. I’ve been listening to your talks recently on relevant radio over the internet. I just started teaching PSR to 8th grader at my parish, and I lean on a lot of your material for help. Anyways, keep up the good work and God Bless.

An excellent talk and presenter.
(comments by Elizabeth from CA)
I recently purchased your Confession CD at my church. I bought it along with five other CD’s. Every CD had a different subject and orator. After listening to all of them, your CD stood out among the rest. I am a 36 year old wife and mother of three living near Los Angeles, California. I listened to your CD on Confession about 3 or 4 times and have lent it to my friends for their listening pleasure and education. You lecture in a very sensible, understandable and caring manner. I was really touched by your work. In closing, please know that your work matters. How you teach, what you say, it changes lives and enriches people. You have touched me. You make a difference. Thank you. God Bless.

I enjoy your homilies!
(comments by John from Wilminton, NC)
Interesting I should move to Wilmington NC to hear you preach on the radio. I truly enjoy you sermons. God Bless. Mary Queen of Prep, pray for us.

Family Life Conference
(comments by Colleen in BC, Canada)
My husband Scott and I wanted to thank you for your talks at the family life conference. We were definatly motivated to make some changes in our prayer life! I am planning on asking our parish priest if he would consider having a mission.

Men Of Christ Conference – Milwaukee
(comments by John from Waukesha, WI)
Dear Fr. Larry:I want you to know how much I appreciated the sacrifice you made to drive to Milwaukee to speak at the conference last Saturday. You were the main reason why I went and your talk was the best. I want to tell you that you are a Man of Christ and that He speaks to the hearts of other men through you. I listen to you on Relevant Radio and I often get tears in my eyes when I hear you speak, and I know it is because it is the Lord speaking to my heart through you. I have been using your prayer model in the morning, asking for God’s mercy for my sins, surrendering to him and then calling out to my “daddy” and letting him cradle me in my arms. It’s great! Thanks again for the sacrifices you make, they are bearing much fruit in my life and I’m sure in the lives of many others. Please don’t get discouraged, especially when you are weary from traveling. And thanks for being a regular guy. That is one of the ways that you are able to reach so many of us.

Great Talk!
(comments by Tom from MI)
When I heard your CD, “The Truth,” I was elated – it was the best CD to hand out to new believers or people who were just starting their faith journey. I sent one to a friend in Florida and he listened – and ordered 50 of them!! I sent one to a friend in Michigan (at my church) and he wants to buy enough for all 3,500 families in our parish!! I sent one to a female friend of my wife’s and she played it for her Catholic Bible study – my wife said when they were done, all the women were down on their knees praising Jesus!!! Father Larry -I have loved ALL of your CD’s – thank you for being the voice of Jesus!! But thanks especially for “The Truth!” I met Jesus 7 years ago – and there is nothing more wonderful and exciting to me than sharing His Good News – especially to Catholics!!!!! Bless you and the work you do. Thank you for lighting a fire in the hearts of Catholics – and thank you mostly for pointing the way to Jesus.In love and praise of Jesus, I am grateful to walk with you.

Talks have impacted my life!
(comments by Dave from Liverpool, NY)
God speaking through Father Larry’s CD’s was one of the final pieces of bringing me to the Catholic Church from a Protestant background. Finishing RCIA, I will go into the church this Easter. Father Larry just finished a 4 day mission at our church in Syracuse and the reality is I can’t describe it’s impact on myself and my family. I can’t talk about it enough. My wife and my 3 teenage sons all WANTED to keep coming back. Hard to typically say for teenagers. The best presentations I have ever witnessed and with a vigor, forthrightness and with truth that doesn’t cave in to popular opinion that is not seen often enough. May this message spread and may we all be a part of it.

Talks are inspirational!
(comments by Don from IL)
Father Larry, Just a short note to Thank You for the wonderful experience my wife and I had a your Parish Mission at Holy Angels Parish in Aurora, Illinois. We purchased a couple of your CD’s and members of our family have listened to them and rave on how wonderful they are. Your talks really have been inspirational to me. I have a deeper love for God and a better understanding how He is in my daily life. Thank you. I do hope you will return again to our parish

Kids are excited about Mass!
(comments by June from CO)
Thank you so much for coming to Ave Maria this week. I picked up my children from school yesterday, and all they could talk about was Mass. They were so excited and said how much they loved Mass with you. Never have I heard such enthusiasm from them!! They actually asked me if we could move to your church so they could attend Mass with you all the time. Thanks for the time, and for leading all of us. Please come back to Ave soon.

God Bless Fr. Larry!!
(comments by Martha from CA)
I just hear Father’s CD called “The Truth”. Just loved everything about it. Loved his way of preaching and his complete honesty. Clearly we need more priests that can preach like Fr. Larry does. God Bless Fr. Larry with much fruit from his evangelization!

Praise God!
(comments by Karen from PA)
I’m a teacher in Lancaster PA. I attended Father Larry’s mission at St. Mary’s Parish back in September and have been listening to the CD’s ever since. When my high school needed someone to motivate the kids to donate to the annual food drive, I volunteered. I went around the building telling Father Larry’s story from his Truth CD about the man who, when he dies is asked by God, “Why is it that during your lifetime millions of children went hungry?” And the man says, “I don’t know; they weren’t my kids,” and God says, “No, they were Mine.” I don’t know if it was the story that affected the students this year or not. I’d like to think that it did. That they remember how they were raised and what is TRUE. The Rescue Mission anticipated 5,000 lbs. of food. We totally blew them away this year! Praise God for all His gifts, especially His Son’s love shining through our Lancaster City kids this Christmas!

God works in mysterious ways!
(comments by Colleen from IA)
I went to the parish mission at St. Paul the Apostle parish in Davenport, Iowa.
I thought I was doing okay before the mission. I was a good person, but I learned from you that so much more is required from us. We can’t try and fit God into our day – we must fit our day into what God wants. I now know that I need to go to confession oh so much more than I have been. I made the best confession of my life on night #3. Instead of meandering through a mediocre spiritual life, you kicked us in our behinds and told us Jesus deserves so much more from us. I am “on board”. I have been listening to your talks again and again. Instead of listening to worthless stuff on my drive to work, I am getting fed with good food for thought and meditation. I just wanted to let you know, you knocked our socks off here in Davenport. It moved me when you said that you will pray for us everyday for the rest of your life. Thank you for all the hope, joy, and meaning that you have injected into our lives. We are praying for you too – that you can be strong and keep on delivering the message of God’s truth. Peace, love, and joy.

Grow Your Faith Thru Listening
(comments by John Turner from Nevada City, Calif)
Get them and listen to them and then pass them around. Listen to them again and again. Especially good are Fr. Larry’s on confession and the Mass and the discussion about Mary with Bud, Marcus and Patrick.

My comments
(comments by Tom from WA)
Dear Fr. Larry, We just wanted to write and let you know how much we love your CDs. We ordered a pile of them a few months ago and have been listening to them and passing them around to friends. Thanks for all you do.

Great Teachings!
(comments by a Marlene from the United States)
Your cds are awesome, I listen to them over and over and each time I hear something new, I do try to incorporate some of the teachings into my Sunday School classes. Thank you!!May God bless you.

The Truth!
(comments by Monique from Nova Scotia)
I help teach the confimation class in my parish and tonight we showed the video that you made called “the truth” I just wanted you to know that the youth were very attentive and that your message got through to them. We also had a great discussion afterwards. Thank-you Father Larry for who you are and for being such a wonderful servant of our Lord.

Sister has a conversion of heart.
(comments by Helen from Nova Scotia)
I attended the Steubenville Conference in Antigonish and my friend and I were so impressed with your talks we each bought a DVD. Since then I have ordered the others. My Sister was home for Thanksgiving this weekend. She has not been consistently attending Mass in years and felt removed from her faith. After watching your videos on Confession she made an appointment to see a priest that served in our parish when we were young. After that we watched the Mass and Knowing God’s Will. We went to Confession on Saturday before Thanksgiving. Words do not adequately explain what occurred in our home this weekend but my sister had a conversion of heart. She went to talk to the priest about a lot of things that were bothering her and he gave her a healing blessing with the laying of hands. She couldn’t convey what that did for her. She felt as if a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. I wanted you to know that you are making a huge difference in people’s lives by leading them to Jesus. You are an instrument of God’s peace. I hope you continue to make the DVD’s and I am enjoying reading your homilies and I have been printing them off so I will have them. Thank you and may God Bless you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Fr. Larry for your ministry.
(comments by Joe from CT)
Just wanted to let you know, we (Knights of Columbus Council 2541)conducted our first “Truth Event” last night at St.Louis Church in West Haven, CT as part of our Adult Faith Formation Committee efforts with the Knights. About 30 people attended and they just couldn’t say enough about it. Most want to have another one and bring others. We’ll be doing more of these events at 2 other parishes in town as well. God Bless.

God Bless you!
(Comments by Susan from the USA)
Thank you and may our God bless you abundantly. I have had the gift of listening to your CD The Mass Explained. A blessing beyond measure! I will be sharing it’s truths and passing it on.

Thank you for your ministry!
(comments by Paul from the USA)
I love having the resource of being able to share the Truth CD with others. I am prayerfully expecting that the Lord will use it to change lives. May our Lord bless your day with His peace and grace!

Thank You!
(comments by Rebecca from the USA)
I heard your Mass Explained CD, and on that particular day, this Gospel On the Road to Emmaus was read at our CCE teacher’s retreat, and also, was referenced in a DVD played during the retreat….that really touched me, to hear my favorite story read 3 times in the same day! Your talks are stimulating, and wonderful. Thank you, and God Bless you for your life to God and to us as an Eternal Priest, and for your courage in speaking out today!

Thank you!
(comments by Tom from Washington State)
I’ve just returned from chaperoning a Steubenville Youth Conference in Spokane, WA where Fr. Larry spoke. I have not been diligent in my prayers, but my most consistent prayer has been for Christ to touch me in some way; to slap me upside the head. Thanks to Fr. Larry, that happened to me this weekend. Through Fr. Larry’s powerful presentation during the Eucharistic Adoration, I was able to experience Jesus as He transformed from the host, sat beside me, and took me into his arms. I totally broke down, sobbing uncontrollably with joy. Christ answered my prayer and I will never be the same. God has blessed Fr. Larry, and He has blessed me through him. Watch “The Truth” DVD and be changed forever.

Life Changing Talks!
(comments by Randy from Georgia)
I ordered “The Mass Explained” and “Confession” by Father Larry Richards. The CD’s were truly a blessing from the Lord. I shared my excitement with my family, people at church, as well as the people at work. For some time the Lord has been dealing with me about the Eucharist and the need for confession. These CD’s answered a host of questions for me. I can’t wait to hear other talks from Father Richards. I have attended church all my life. However, I never fully knew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until this past March. At that time I felt the presence of Jesus and a hunger to know more about Him. Immediately following this experience in March, I began a structured time of devotions and prayers. Along with this devotional time, I also do the Rosary each day. As I said this has all made a tremendous impact in my life. I also feel that it has revolutionized my service and work with my church, La Fayette Presbyterian Church, USA. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to use this ministry, knowing that it not only is reaching Catholics but many Protestants as well. I pray that every obstacle will be removed and that the teachings will produce a mighty harvest! How I pray that Father Richards could minister to my town and my church. However, I can continue to share the teachings of Father Richards, and thus help him spread the Gospel.Your Servant in Christ

changed life
(comments by Michael from Dahlonega,GA)
Hello. I have to tell you. Father Richards talks have changed my life.I would love to just thank him. Thanks so much. God Bless you

Thank you for the great youth conference in Spokane!

(comments by Mark from Spokane, WA)
Father Larry, I am a member of the Core Team youth group for our parish here in Roseburg, Oregon. I was the guy who grabbed you the first nite after your talk to hear confessions for my small group. For what it’s worth, you made a difference that night in my group by doing that! One youth talked with me that night for about an hour about suicide and depression. He was doing much better after confession and is on track now. Thank you for the message, on God’s love and perspective on eternity. Fantastic!!! Blessings to you and your ministry.

“Impressed by “Truth” message!
(comments by Rose from PA)
Dear Fr.Larry, I was loaned the CD The Truth from a neighbor who was at St. David church in Willow Grove, Pa. for a Mission. I was raised Catholic and wished my priest had taught like that. I have my personal relationship with Jesus for almost thirty years now. I am looking forward to purchasing your The Truth CD to give to all of my Catholic friends and family. May God continue to bless you and the message He has you to proclaim.Yours Truly,Rose Oswald

Thank you for your ministry!
(comments by Avril Bethwaite from South Africa)
Dear Father Larry,
A few weeks ago I began preparing a retreat for my Confirmation class and had no idea how I was going to “wake them up” – then one of the other teachers Put a DVD in my hands and said watch and give me your response. The DVD was your talk on Confession – My Husband and I sat down to watch when both my sons (who I might add were lapsed Catholics came in and sat and watched this DVD with us actually they came in a few minutes after I had put this on and were so awe inspired that are now back at Mass) Back to the DVD I laugh and I cried I sat back after the show and realized that this is what my youth needed we arranged to put this on one evening, and I could not believe the change in our classes the questions that was thrown at us it was truly incredible. We now have youth that are getting more involved
I have now registered with the foundation and found also on your website “The Truth” I have purchased this DVD and down loaded the retreat which I shall be using in my retreat on the 21st September so please remember us in your prayers. Last night I sat and watched this DVD. And my response:
God You who are so great, whose Wisdom knows no bounds – Thank you for giving us Father Larry, Thank you for opening his heart to your calling that you might use him to share Your Great Glory and Love – so that we who are falling can be lifted up to share this love. Help Father Larry to continue with this your mission to bring Hope to a world torn apart. I ask this through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen
We Love you and may God Bless and keep you in His service.

The Mass Explained was wonderful
(comments by Chris Cossentino from Maryland)
I’ve received the tapes I requested and I love the Mass Explained. I will pass it along to all my family and friends. God Bless you all.

Thanks be to God & thank you.
(comments by Carla from OH)
Dear Fr. Larry, attended the conference you spoke at Walsh University in Ohio. After my confession, while you were absolving me, I had an indescribably overpowering feeling in my soul. This has never happended before. I am a cradle Catholic. By the grace of God! The best feeling I have ever felt! I mean, run outside & tell everyone you see what you experienced! Thanks be to God & thank you. You are an incredibly inspiring speaker, I thank God for you. God Bless You! ~ Carla~

Thank You!
(comments from Tom in IL)
I listened to knowing God’s will today, prayed and heard His voice! It was awesome! Fr. Larry you are a gift! Thank you, and thank your spiritual director for keeping you out of the Marines.

A Wake-up Call
(comments from Sandra from FL)
I have listened to “The Truth” and “Confession”, and I find myself to be playing them over and over again. I drive my mother crazy, because I cannot get enough of the talks. After I finish school, I am going to be baptized. Sadly not in the Catholic Church. My uncle who is a pastor of a church has been begging me to let him do it, so I am going to let him. For a non Catholic who has went to a Catholic high school for 3 years, there is one thing that I have fallen in love with, and that is mass. After hearing your talk on confession, I went to a deacon, who was my theology teacher in my senior year of high school, and I apologized for calling him something that he did not deserve. Now, I look at mass, like that fairy tale story that you always wanted to be a part of, but it is not a fairy tale, it is real. Thank you Father Larry for changing my life, and for giving me a wake up call.

Jesus First!
(comments by Christine from PA)
My life has changed so much! I have put into daily practice prayer, reading passages from the Bible and I no longer drive past Church and make the sign of the cross and say a prayer, but I now stop in, light candles and thank Jesus for all He has done for me and pray for His guidance in my daily life. I have found that reading the Bible has opened my heart, mind and soul to Jesus. I have put Jesus first, others second and myself last. Blessings to you Fr. Larry and I hope that I will be able to hear you speak in person again.

Our eyes have been opened!
(comments from Cameron from the US)
Good afternoon Fr Larry, Thanks to you we have had our eyes opened to the truth and beauty of the Mass and Confession! What an amazing gift you have! Praise be to God for giving you to the world to open our eyes to His infinite love! Yours in Christ…Cameron, Joanne & Family 🙂

Thanks Father!
Comments from Deb in St. Mary’s)
Thank You so much for your inspirational talks in St Marys. It is great to see how much passion you have for our Catholic faith. Again I can’t thank you enough. I was very moved by your presentations as well was my husband. Unfortunately he was only able to attend on Thursday night. I have a deep love for Jesus, I wish my husband had the same relationship with him as I do. Maybe reading your book it will convey what I have been trying to tell him. Thanks Again Deb

Heartfelt Thank you!
(comments from Liz in WA)
A heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all of you, and especially the ministry God has given Fr Larry. I have been a Catholic convert for over 20 years, but have teetered on the brink of returning to the pentecostal faith I came from. It is only by the grace of God, and my husband’s infilling of the Holy Spirit that has led me back to where I am supposed to be, and the subsequent teaching of Fr Larry. I wish I’d known all this so many years ago. Anyway, thank you all so much.