Where the Money Goes


When you donate to The Reason For Our Hope Foundation, your money will be used to help support the will of God. In fact, His will is reflected within our own mission statement: To evangelize the world to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, and to support ministries that make real the love of Him throughout the world.

Your kind donations will allow the Foundation to:

* Distribute materials through CDs, DVDs and other forms of media that will be used to bring others to a life-changing knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to assist all persons in their walk in discipleship of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

* The Foundation also supports St. Anthony’s Orphanage Mission in India.   Fr. Larry’s parish and the Foundation help support the sisters who run the orphanage and care for its orphans.

* Discover new speakers that will make alive the Good News of Jesus Christ in new and exciting ways.

* Pro-life groups – we have helped to close an abortion center in the city of Erie – PRAISE GOD!

* Maria House Projects – A number of Houses in the Diocese of Erie that deal with men who have struggled with addictions and imprisonment and struggling to experience the Love and Freedom of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

* The DME Retreat Program – this is a retreat program that brings people into a living, loving relationship with Jesus Christ! Thousands of young people have come to know Jesus through this program.

Charity_Orphanage* Purchase bibles for incoming freshman students at Cathedral Preparatory School in Erie, PA. (Father previously taught at this exceptional Catholic high school and seeks to continue his mission by reintroducing the Word of God to these young men.)

* Fr. Larry’s Parish: St. Joseph Church/ Bread of Life Community has a perpetual adoration chapel and the restoration of one of the most beautiful Churches in the world dedicated to St. Joseph that throughout the years has fallen into disrepair. Fr. Larry is a full-time pastor of St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life Community, an inner-city parish; he is often called away for extended periods of time in support of the Foundation. A portion of your donation may be used to assist his parish in his absence.


* Fr. Larry makes no money from the sale of any CD or DVD. All of the donations go back into the Foundation’s ministry and its day-to-day-operating expenses. Fr. Larry does, however, receive a stipend from his speaking engagements. He often uses these monies to donate to his charities. Plus much, much more.